Day 0 – The Calm Before (November 1, 2020)

Night 0

Okay. Here we go. In about 11 hours I, alongside Russell, will depart on a bike ride. It is a 7ish month journey. So please pardon a lengthy post.

12,000 miles (11,850ish but we will fill it out with exploring.)

To summarize the route, we head:

  • South to St. Augustine, take a right to
  • California, then North to the border,
  • Beeline it to Maine,
  • Then find our way home.

The 4 major sections of the route were created by Adventure Cycling. I have included a screenshot, but the interactive map is here:

Maybe you see a small route you can check out near you?

If you want to follow along:

We are posting on our personal Instagram accounts: @round_about_way and @rlmichaud

And we have a joint account: @bandofbikes

That will be for more “update videos”, proper proud captures, and fully processed clips. Either tagged geography or maybe vlog stories to explain the rain away.

Facebook albums and longer posts will be based on the day and time for quick review/edits. Oh, and internet.

Youtube: I hope to get some nice videos together, but that takes help. Our friend Kevin Stopper has offered to help out. Though, he’s one man and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to get him what he needs. I can’t tell you what will really come out of it all because no one wants to watch hours of “riding a bike VR.” Inspiration is the goal not just random footage from a gap year. I’ve been practicing recently and I hope to deliver.

Shout out to the Bicycle Recycle center!

This whole thing has been this “daunting task months from now”….until now. The training and preparation has taken about 11 months since the idea’s conception late last year. We have had a ton of help and support from multiple bike shops, but the Bicycle Recycle shop in Williamsport has kind of acted as our home base. David and Louisa Stone have been a great help starting the conversation with people in the community. They gave us the opportunity to work in their shop, working on bikes while fine tuning our own gear and setups. I would just like to thank them for their continuous support in finding lodging, recommending areas to explore, and just keeping the activity going for people who just need a bike or want to make something of their own.

With that, if you made it this far and want to help out, we are welcome to anything. We are planning to set up our tents at campsites the majority of the nights we’ll be touring. Where we are camping is yet to be determined, since we can only plan so far ahead based on our daily pace and any obstacles that come up. We will try to have 3 nights ahead locked down and a week or so scouted out so to remain flexible with the days ride.

If you take a peek at our map and think of a friend or family along the way and they might be alright with us using 20 square feet of their property, that’s all we need and we are off with the sun. Because of this world we are currently in, we know we have to be smart about not spreading anything, but there is that one thing going around. So any boundaries are respected so we can pitch tents safely.

If you would like to just send us words of encouragement or talk our ear off for a few hours, were would probably appreciate the company some days. We often wait for water to boil.

If you want to contribute to the cause or to the production, I think I have something in the works. See, we went into this just to do it fully self sustained in both the prep and execution. But the budget was set for food and that’s all I could accept from any of our hosts.


We don’t need anything else. I’ll carry more, but food comes first. So any money will go to food first. We are planning 15$ a day for 7 months, but will also burn 4-8000 calories daily. If the budget is $6,000 between us, then we will cap it and start donating. If one person bought us dinner a week, I’d be happy to ride an extra 15 miles through a monsoon for that burger.

If I’m worried about eating poorly and not getting enough vitamins because I’m trying to save money….that’s more energy we can spend on getting back to you physically in one piece and whatever you want. Photos of the cool, beautiful, strange, and funny. Videos of onlookers starting at us as we pass them and wave to their dogs? If you guys want Jerseys or something to support and get something to remember it by, maybe we can figure something out. Anyway…we will probably start other fundraisers for anyone that just likes what we produce.

Like I said, we started this out as just a private fun thing to accomplish and then it grew out a bit. This will change, we will adjust. We appreciate all the help and support. Its going to be half a year+ on this one. I dont expect to be cheered on up every hill, so I dont expect everyone to activity follow us daily. Let us deal with the road and wilds. Time to take a lap of the US up close. I’ll see you in the first update.