Day 59 – Old Friends and New Houses (December 30, 2020)

Night 59- Houston, Texas Wake up, flat. Lunch break, flat. It’s getting pretty ridiculous at this point. Those headaches are in the past because last night we got to hang with two old friends (and the new Mrs.) As for riding through Houston… it was edging on us being a large rain storm all day.Continue reading “Day 59 – Old Friends and New Houses (December 30, 2020)”

Day 58 – Wow, That’s a Lot of Texas: A Series (December 29, 2020)

Night 58- Dayton, Texas Up after a night of poor sleep and off with the sun. Just kidding, the tire I thought I would milk for another day was flat in the morning. So, right after we said our goodbyes to our host, I plopped down in their driveway and changed tubes. Not kidding aboutContinue reading “Day 58 – Wow, That’s a Lot of Texas: A Series (December 29, 2020)”

Day 57 – The Three Bridges (December 28, 2020)

Night 57- Beaumont, Texas Up with the sun and off for our first full day of Texas. Well, only 40ish miles. We had a host in Beaumont, but we’re not ready to ride 80 miles to get there in one day. But we were off. The riding was nice. The wind never really got inContinue reading “Day 57 – The Three Bridges (December 28, 2020)”

Day 56 – Weiner Dogs are Bigger in Texas (December 27, 2020)

Night 56- Orange, Texas Today’s route was filled with some pretty dumb route options from Google, some rough roads, some really kind people, and dogs… So. Many. Dogs. I think I got most of the days post typed up before anyone else came to the kitchen. Our host joined me around 8 and we talkedContinue reading “Day 56 – Weiner Dogs are Bigger in Texas (December 27, 2020)”

Day 55 – Hurricane Debris and Downed Trees (December 26, 2020)

Night 55- Sulphur, Louisiana So it seems that the plague of flat tires was reserved for Christmas and Christmas eve because we made it a whole day without one. Stay tuned for our main story tonight as we tour the effects of this year’s hurricanes. With that, today’s ride was pretty straightforward. We have becomeContinue reading “Day 55 – Hurricane Debris and Downed Trees (December 26, 2020)”

Day 54 – Flat Tires III: Revenge of the Flat (December 25, 2020)

Night 54- Kinder, LA Merry Christmas everyone. I hope it was a good one. Or as good as it can be this year. But do not dwell on how good or bad it was. I cannot. Because we almost had to call AAA. Gifted with a hotel after a long windy day full of flats,Continue reading “Day 54 – Flat Tires III: Revenge of the Flat (December 25, 2020)”

Day 53 – Flat Tires II: Return of the Flattening (December 24, 2020)

Night 53- Opelousas, LA I don’t want to dwell too much on this day. It started off with a nice breakfast with our host and was supposed to be our longest ride at 80 miles, but it became our longest day and we barely rode 60. So this will be brief. Started with a decisionContinue reading “Day 53 – Flat Tires II: Return of the Flattening (December 24, 2020)”

Day 52 – Flats for Days (December 23, 2020)

Night 52- Baton Rouge, Louisiana How many flat tires is too many flat tires? One is annoying. Two is a surprise. Three makes start questioning decisions in life. The day wasn’t that dramatic, but it comes up. Up with the dogs, I sneak off to make coffee and oatmeal to write. Accompanying me is aContinue reading “Day 52 – Flats for Days (December 23, 2020)”

Day 51 – Roadblocks and Mud Holes on the Trail (December 22, 2020)

Night 51- Lutcher, Louisiana It was time to leave New Orleans. We had our fun and met some incredible people, but it’s time we got back to it. Forward progress on this wild lap around the country. With about 100 miles to the city, we decided to head north west towards Baton Rouge. With onlyContinue reading “Day 51 – Roadblocks and Mud Holes on the Trail (December 22, 2020)”

Day 48 – Update: Still Riding! (December 19, 2020)

Night 48- New Orleans, Louisiana There are days that stand out and sights that stand out. Without looking at a calendar and even with these posts, the days still blur together. So once we reach a major city or a turning point in the trip, I have to sit and think for a bit. “HowContinue reading “Day 48 – Update: Still Riding! (December 19, 2020)”