Day 88 – Road to the Grand Canyon (February 8, 2021)

Night 88- Grand Canyon Junction

(This is 8 days after the fact. Between bad service, filled memory cards, and a combination the cold and my will, I have fallen a bit behind)

The ride was pretty, but keep that snow away from us. The road was just fine. From route 66 (I40) to the end of the day on 64, I can’t say I have any complaints. We did have to ride over a big hill and climb to 7000 feet though. So there is a new personal record. At the halfway point the hill gave gave way and we began flying down its backside. As you do.

Our end point for the day is the last rode leading to the grand canyon. It also has a few small attractions scattered about. Some car collectors throw up a route 66 sign and now it’s a museum. One diner based off of the Flintstones. Closed of course.

Another cheap hotel would get us past the 17 degree night and help us get moving early in the morning. We could have gone further, but we wanted to enjoy our time at the canyon, so we paced ourselves to give us a day at the rim. So tonight’s hotel would be a nice comfort before then.

Sorry I don’t have a ton about this day. So many small things fly by on a regular basis that they cannot always cover up the hours of riding. I was pretty happy with this ride and that’s enough most days. I hope all is well back home and the drinks are hot when they are wanted.

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