Day 87 – On Route 66, Gettin’ Kicks (February 7, 2021)

Night 87- Ashfork, Arizona

Hmm, so this day was just a grind over 3 rolling hills. Still climbed 1,400 feet, but was just a day. The scenery is beautiful, but it sweeps by at a mile every 5+ minutes or you are swallowed up by short growth trees and cannot see anything.

So the sights never got old, we just had to ride. Not too many elements to this day. Maybe the motel at the end advertised its lowest rate on route 66 at 23$ a night. Wild.

We check out this room and find a cinder block bunker with enough room under the door to let scorpions in. Dinner was a bowl of Spanish Ramen and a new chain for my bike. Our chains stretch over time and that time seems to be shortened by the amount of load put on it. The chain needed cleaned anyway. This was my dinner.

The curtains were lead shields for light at some point. Now they have some “decorative” holes. Center mass of the window. Pretty dark room otherwise. The next day would be fairly short as we make camp on the outskirts of the grand canyon.

This was just another day. Not as exciting as others. Yet entirely necessary for the cool parts to come and the end of a chapter.

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