Day 86 – Climbing in the Mountains (February 6, 2021)

Night 86- Prescott, Arizona

Today we climbed a lot. The wind held off and we just climbed up the side of a mountain. It was one of the most satisfying rides of the trip. We just pushed through the elevation and got to enjoy the ride down the other side.

We started with saguaros and ended with snowy pines. I would do this ride for fun in the future. It was my highest climbing day and one of my favorite downhill sections of all time. I’m bummed I didn’t try (or have time to try) Mount Lemmon. This day’s 6100 feet of elevation will do. (Yes, Strava says “5,9-something”, my phone’s altitude read isn’t always 100%)

After a quick pop in a bike shop for chains, we were off to our host’s place. R. Rice, a nice guy with a son our age off starting a family, and a renewed sense of musicianship. Harmonicas all about and a cello was out as if it was just being practiced. Rice was cool. A retired RN who just wants to keep helping/volunteering. He had toured in the past and knew what we had just finished pedaling.

Food in our bellies and room to sleep… this was a nice day. I liken climbing to be like running. You can go fast and find your limit. You can go your slowest and find your limit. But once you find your groove, it is no longer a challenge. It’s just a ride to the top.

I hope this day was a good day for everyone. I’m back to being behind. Hopefully it makes sense as to why as I catch up. There is quite a bit of footage, but there is actually a lot more. Now I’m days behind.

Also, it’s Prescott, like biscuit.

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