Day 84 – A Good Ol’ Phoenix Heart Attack (February 4, 2021)

Night 84- Sun city west, Arizona

Today we would spend cutting through Phoenix. Last time we planned a day for getting out of city was El Paso. There wasn’t nearly the same elevation to conquer or traffic to fight. For the most part our ride was pretty tame. Except for my lunch time heart attack.

We stopped for a quick lunch at a Wendy’s before heading downtown to by this Japanese Zen garden. Just 17 miles, or an hour and a half of riding. It was nice and relaxed. Until I went for my wallet… time stopped. My mind went racing. Retracing steps, doing the math on ride times, what would need to happen next to solve this problem? Then the waves of defeat hit as I went through the ideas of canceling cards, needing ID, what else did I have in there that needed replaced now? No time for panic, but the sun is going down. A few phone calls to the Wendy’s to see if the have it. They were slow going, but they found it. We were back on. Now to retrieve it…. yeah, I got an Uber. It would have taken 3 extra hours to go back. 35 minutes later and I returned to Russell at the Zen garden.

We didn’t get to go inside. Time to ride.

Our hosts for the evening were friends of the Stones. I guess a few of them decided the cold of Michigan was too much for a yearly occurrence and now split their time between here and there. Lucky for us, we had a room. The food was fantastic and the shower felt great. I think 50 miles through a city area is more exhausting than open plains. You’re constantly dodging and interacting with the changing roads while stopping/starting because of all the crossing roads. Legalize the Idaho stop in all states.

Even though we had settled in and showered, my brain was still fried from the stress roller coaster that I hadn’t ride for years. Collin losing his wallet used to be a common gag when I was a kid. Now the consequences of losing that fold of cash and cards is such a staggering inconvenience that I hadn’t shaken the feeling for the rest of the day. (It still worries me and this is 2 days after the fact.)

Sorry for another short post. I fell asleep when trying to write this particular night and now I’m behind. I have some pictures and stuff. So enjoy those and thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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