Day 83 – R&R: Ruins and Riding (February 3, 2021)

Night 83- South Phoenix, Arizona

I hate to ruin a good post about the ruins, that was most of our day. The slow approach to Phoenix was just that for the most part. We rode into new roadways with green grass for a while. Random plots of corporate buildings line the out skirts of the city. So the grass can afford to be this green now.

Breakfast with Larry and his pup. Then we rode out to some native ruins just north of Coolidge with the dynamic duo. Pups in carts can act as sirens. This young cattle dog wanted to herd us together from his basket. Having us swerve around behind him was driving him nuts. I think he settled down around the time we arrived.

The museum of the Casa Grande ruins was closed, but the structure was still open. So we took a lap and parted ways with Larry. Time to get rolling.

It is a shame that our urgency is usually towards forward progress. That drive forward doesn’t always lend itself to long visits or unnecessary detours. But that drive gets you through the long grinding roads. I suppose a tour outside a pandemic will be necessary to revisit some of our favorite spots and to really take it in.

For now, we just have to ride some miles. With needs from the REI in south Phoenix, we got a hotel for an easier afternoon time table. No tents means more free time to grab supplies.
In addition, we had a host lined up in the north west part of the city for the following day. Figured a 50 mile day through a city would be enough. So this worked out well. Note to self, Phoenix is wide.

I used to write these in the morning so I would always be searching for coffee. Now that I primarily write them in the evening, I still hope everyone has great mornings. We push to get started too some days.

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And for those who want to help but can’t host us, we take donations through PayPal at the moment, but are looking for suggestions for other funding channels.

Buy us dinner, help us find a host, or help pass along our story. Everything and anything is appreciated.

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