Day 82 – Just Miles In Between (February 2, 2021)

Night 82- Coolidge, Arizona

“Oh, you guys are going straight through to Phoenix? It’s really boring.”- how it was told to us. Well, we were going to see about that today. Our destination was a warmshowers host just north up the road. The path was pretty simple. Just miles in-between. So we went.

The roadway was fairly consistent in its shoulder. There was a few sections that had consistent bump strips big enough to rattle you if not prepared. Still able to rattle you a little bit even if you are prepared. That may have been 30-45 minutes of “fun”.

It was awesome weather. Hot if anything. I think it was in the 70s. Yet here we are trying to plan for the unforgiving cold. Only a few days away we will be a few thousand feet higher. So this day’s ride is just a quick grind in the sun. In the afternoon a cloud canopy rolled in like a wave. I think we were keeping up with it for a bit of time.

We got to our host’s house before he (Larry) got back from work. He told us of an excited puppy waiting for us in the back yard. So there was. A young cattle dog with new teeth. Mind your water tight bags…he really wanted to jump on the bikes for some reason.

Larry was cool. An older guy who has been a host for quite some time and has toured as well. His kids are out on their own tours or all ride. What grabbed our attention was was the tandem recumbent bike with a basket in the back. I wanted to ride it, but the basket confirmed our suspicion. The pup knows how to ride. Larry offered to feed us and ride out with us in the morning. So we would get to see the duo in action.

So the weather was hot, but we got showers. It wasn’t a bad day, it just wasn’t a very eventful ride. Just lots of playing with the camera and trying to spot the tiny ground squirrels. I hope it was an okay day for everyone else. We’ve really had the itch to go skiing.

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