Day 79 – Straight Lines and Slow Growing Mountains (January 28, 2021)

Night 79- Willcox, Arizona

Remember how I said we just set a new record is fastest pace over 60 miles? Yeah… we beat it again. On top of that, I think I just set my fastest speed on flat ground. 34 mph. Thanks tail winds.

All the hype aside, this day was really straightforward. The night was a bit cold, but since we picked up some sweat clothes, even a night in the 20s isn’t too bad. Tent camping at KOAs is nice. Other than that one flash flood, we have only had good experiences with them. Cheaper than a motel and more organized than cheaper RV courts. Up and at it by 9. The wind was picking up, so packing up was a bit brisk, but these are friendly winds.

74 miles on I-10. Here we go.

The day started kind of cold, then we stopped at a rest stop for snacks.

We stopped briefly at the border for a picture and at a picnic spot to eat snacks. 10 more miles till lunch.
Then the day warmed up more around the time we stopped at a rest stop for lunch.
The day heated up even more. By the end of it we had shed most of our layers and were sweating pretty well. Welcome back to the desert, where you can see snow all around.

The mountains were pretty cool. With the exception of South facing faces, every hill and mountain held on to its snow. The dusty plains weren’t so dusty with all the run off. Some even sported lakes.

The wind and downhills were terrific. Just good fun flying at high speed down long stretches of road. It broke up the monotony of riding in a straight line while staring at slow growing mountains.

We ended the ride with one last push towards town. 7 miles to go? What if we pushed 30 miles an hour the whole way there? (To give you an idea of how that feels when peddling, imagine getting to drive 90 mph in a 55 zone. Legally and safely. Just now faster)

The day would end with another stay at a KOA. The pricing for these are so strange. This one was cheaper than the last, but it came with power, water, and a pool/hot tub. Bless the cycling gods, the hot tub was open and all ours. After the other day, we were still pretty beaten up. Our legs and knees were hurting something fierce. Now we can heal.

So with that, we have food, water, hot water, and shelter. What a day and what a ride. 2 days to Tucson. Too bad we are forecasted to get slapped with wind and climbing tomorrow. Eh, enjoy the day when you can. Have a great day everyone.

(P.S. I know my posting has become a bit unscheduled. The cold mornings keep my fingers from texting it and the longer days keep me from from forming comprehensive thought. If you’re still around, welcome. Enjoy the views.)

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