Day 74 – How Strange to Walk After Riding Several Thousand Miles (January 22, 2021)

Night 74- El Paso, Texas

There are some mornings I’ll wake up and have to remind myself where we are before peeking out my tent door. I slept so well this night that I really didn’t want to get up. I really didn’t want to get up once I saw how wet my rainfly had gotten from morning dew. I remembered how wet my shoes and socks were. I saw how much mud was caked on my shoes. Getting out of bed can be a tricky thing some mornings. Especially when there is quite enough work immediately ahead.

Where were we? The Tiger Restaurant/Truck Stop. Why is is called that? Because they have 3 large cages out back for the tigers… which are no longer there. Good thing since the rest of the place had seem much better days and definitely couldn’t sustain large cats. That and the cages were only 20×20. Tiger king would be ashamed of this.

Today’s goal was El Paso and we decided not to take 10 into town because interstate highways get pretty dicey when they merge with 4 other roadways. So it was side roads for us. I can’t complain much. The surface of the road could have been better for large chunks, but the view for the entire day was large mountains to the left in Mexico and hills to the right. Alfalfa and cotton fields would open things up so we could see for miles, but this would also be the start of pecan land. I cannot say I had any idea how important pecans were to some people. I’d put it a notch higher than boiled peanuts in the deep south. The orchards were just beginning, but the signs for buying and selling were everywhere.

The day was pretty chill. A little bit of wind in the 3rd quarter of 70 miles made for an annoying afternoon, but the last quarter was spend riding through suburbs and long walking/biking paths. With showers and laundry desperately needed after the day before, we grabbed a cheap hotel and popped over to Walmart for some supplies.

Have I mentioned how weird it is to walk? We were walking to Walmart when it came to us that we just walked more in one night than we do in most weeks. Aside from walking the dogs at Addison’s, we don’t usually walk more than a quarter mile a day. Standing or biking. That’s it. I might have to do some rehab before I can run like I used to because right now I probably look like a baby horse taking its first steps.

A pretty straightforward day. Not easy, but when you have been staring at, what appears to be, the same mountain range for 6 hours, the day seems pretty simple. Lot of podcast and audiobooks on these days. I’d love to take some recommendations, but I’m already down the rabbit hole on some that seem infinite. But let me know what you’ve been reading or listening to. Give me a favorite song or one that’s been stuck in your head in the comments. I hope today’s a good day for everyone.

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