Day 73 – A Cold, Wet, Finger-Numbing Breeze (January 21, 2021)

Night 73- The Tiger Restaurant, Texas

If you didn’t notice, there isn’t a town name this night. The Tiger is a truck stop from a different time, but it was just the goal for tonight since they allow camping and is the only building for miles.

The ride was a different thing.

Up and out of Van Horn was easy enough. We knew we had overcast and a chance of rain later in the day, so a little bit of sun made getting on the road easy. Maybe a little too easy since after 2 miles we stopped to take off most of our layers. At least there was a nice rest stop with a view.

This is also our first time on an interstate highway. A thing we can actually do in some areas. The only places we cannot us interstates are in major metro areas. The shoulders are wide and the surface is pretty smooth and consistent outside construction zones.

So as we rolled through these hills and peaks leading to the next big clearing, it got a bit colder. A few drops of water hit my face and the humidity spiked. Never fear, this isn’t hot humidity. It’s cold humidity.

This would be our life for 30 miles. Then a lunch stop at a Valero with built in Mexican restaurant would let us warm up and dread going back out.

Actual dread.

Mainly because now it was truly raining and colder.

Side note: my rain jacket may have been left in Houston seeing as how that was the last time we saw rain. Back to the dread.

20 miles left, cold, rain, and camping tonight with no other options. So we went.

The double edge sword of the day was that most of it was downhill. Easy and really fast riding. We were sitting around 25 mph for some time. The other side of this cruel blade is that that speed comes with a cold, wet, finger numbing breeze.

I would talk more about the landscape, but the heavy mist kind of covered up anything outside of 100 yards. Rolling into the tiger was the best part. The lot was filled with… 5 or 6 trucks. There was so much room. The only issue was the plants and the EXTREMELY sticky clay/mud. Shoes, covered. Tires, coated. Breaks, coated.

Oh yeah, while rolling my bike up to the side wall of the building I heard a funny and continuous farting noise. That’s what happens when you get a puncture and line the hole up with a puddle on the sidewalk.

Set up tents and grab some food at the truck stop restaurant. We made a friend who owns a fleet of trucks and was only there to teach a new guy. He told us about his times riding in the 80s and offered us his card for a truck if we are in a pinch. So that’s pretty cool.

It wasn’t my favorite day. It wasn’t the driest day. It wasn’t the shortest or longest day. That’s it. Fortunately it isn’t supposed to be below 40 degree tonight. Here’s to another, warmer day in another time zone. Hello Mountain time!

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