Day 72 – The Desert Wears Prada (January 20, 2021)

Night 72- Van Horn, Texas

The ride into Marfa was nice, but today felt like a record. 75 miles of “nearly flat” with tons of overcast, but no wind. A day of just legs. We averaged 14.5 mph for 75 miles. There were stretches that we held 17 mph with ease. I guess our legs have gotten a bit stronger from all the climbing.

The ride was a near straight line with miles of field on either side. For the first half of the day, if something was big enough, like a blimp, we would see it for hours. Just a little bit ahead of us. We could take guesses as to how far away things were and probably be off by a mile or two.

Just so vast.

The only “town” we would ride through was Valentine. With a questionable population of 201, I don’t think I saw a soul outside. Being the halfway point for the day, we were hoping to find a place to eat or set up and cook. That place would be a mile past the town.

The Prada store. An art installation in the middle of nothing. It looks like a small store and has been preserved well enough to appeared as if it was just plucked from a mall.

So we pulled around back and made lunch. Listening to all the cars that stopped by to get their pictures taken with this strange building. Sometimes multiple groups of cars at a time. So when it was our time to leave, we found a window and got our picture.

Waiting out front was a guy who had been riding his motorcycle for 2 years. Riding for a cause will do that to you. We talked with the guy as he finished up his vlog for the spot. Knowing we would ride past each other in a little bit, we took off.

The second half of the day wasn’t much different. We saw another small pod of javelina and not much else. The vegetation changed drastically at times and didn’t seem friendly to supporting anything larger than a mouse. At some point the clouds started to clear up enough so we could see the massive barrier hills/mountains in the distance. Might be 15 miles, might be 30 miles away. Hard to say. Even more so when Van Horn came into sight. We rounded the last bend of the day and saw the town and the little moving line that is interstate 10. …only thing was that Van Horn was still 10 miles away. So we would spend the next 45 minutes staring at the town and the peaks behind it slowly grow nearer and nearer. That part makes time move pretty slowly.

That record pace had landed us in town at 3:59. Plenty of time to grab some snacks and figure out where we wanted to sleep. Being a major interstate intersection, the hotels were numerous and had competitive pricing to the RV park. It didn’t help the RV parks chances that it was 2 miles in the wrong direction. So here I am, lying in a bed, just 100 feet from a McDonald’s. Just 2 days left in Texas.

Here’s to good weather, good roads, and getting caught up on my posts. Today we ride for a hidden gem on our way to El Paso. McCafe is calling my name. There is no time to be picky with coffee. Not when I haven’t had any in days. Have a great day everyone. May the wind be at your backs and shoulders broad.

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