Day 70 – Alpine’s Curse: Headwinds on a Downhill (January 18, 2021)

Night 70- Alpine, Texas

This was another short day because the wind told us so. Up and out of our tents with the sun to find we were still in our RV campsite. While packing up we were visited and seen off by another roadrunner. I also caught a look at some wild garden thing this camp had that I missed during our late arrival.

Marfa was the original goal for the day, but I think we were warned or possibly cursed a few days before. When we were leaving the city limits of Del Rio, we road past a guy running from the opposite direction. Dressed in 70s sports gear and sporting a long braided ponytail. As he passed he just said “enjoy Alpine”. So we have been riding and wondering what he meant for a while now.

The elevation was pretty tame compared to the last 2 days. The road conditions were fine. There was more of a population than anywhere since Del Rio…. what did he mean?

Alpine was just about halfway down the road for us. We climbed for a bit of the morning, but the elevation leveled out. Then, as we curved towards Alpine, the wind arrived. This wasn’t fair. We had been climbing and pushing for days now. This was supposed to be an afternoon of nice downhill pacing. We were foolish. The wind slapped us perfectly head on. 20 mph wind, constantly pushing on you. Nearly strong enough to completely stop our roll on a decent downhill nearly 3 miles long. Why did I have to pedal on this slope? What curse did this guy put on us?

With the wind making my hat flop about, the sun got its chance at my face. The heat already drying our mouths and emptying our water bottles, this wind was just the cherry on top. It was a safe call as this sudden blast of wind also made some muscle pains spike into reality. Better not push it. So we called it an early day.

Instead of riding, we would use this extra daylight and decided to go shopping for sweatpants and sweatshirts to make those freezing nights and mornings a bit more bearable. There wasn’t too much luck, but pants were obtained and another cheap RV park would let us catch up on laundry and cook.

I’m not sure that we “enjoyed” Alpine. It’s pretty cool when you look around at the much more defined mountain/hills. We did see our first snow. At first it was at the top of a peak, then it was right next to us. First snow of the trip was in Texas. Never know what’s next. Have a good one everyone. I am still one day behind and hope today’s the day I catch up.

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