Day 68 – Crossing Texas, one Tree at a Time (January 16, 2021)

Night 68- Sanderson, Texas

This day was pretty straightforward. The mornings were cold. In fact the nights were the coldest yet as it dipped down to the 20s. This was a real test of our cold camping gear since we are now heading into higher and higher altitudes. With 55 miles now ahead of us (left over from the original 85) to Sanderson, we were not in any hurry to get moving until the temperature rose and our gear thawed.

On our way out of town we saw the bear again. Just wandering around the main (only) road. Felt kind of bad for him as it seemed his front paw was damaged. Just out here surviving.

And so we went. Climbing and soaring down hills. I don’t recall what our total climbing distance was, but we are now ending each day about 1200 feet above the last campsite.

It was the last hour or two of the day that would bring some amazing sights. We turned a major bend and the world opened up to the Sanderson Canyon. Hills of Rock, rounded out only by their own crumbling rubble and whatever may have been thrown onto them by the winds. By this point we were used to seeing deer all around, but just as we rounded into the main town, we saw deer and mountain goats far above them.

All in all, a pretty straightforward day. Our campsite would be shared with the other duo at an RV Park that featured a large patch of AstroTurf for tents. It was here, surrounded by this canyon that we would call it a day.

Sorry for the rushed post again, I’m nearly caught up with present day. The rides have been alright. We climb more and more, but the paths are so straight that you can see where you are going for miles at a time. I hate to say that it’s a lot of the same and you tend to zone out a bit and focus on pedaling to the end of the guardrail or the next tree.

So I’ll end this here and let the pictures speak for it a little more. I hope the days have been nice to everyone.

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