Day 67 – The Opera House in the Desert (January 15, 2021)

Night 67- Langtry, Texas

We cut the day short. With towns only every 40 or 60 miles, we had an 85 mile day ahead of us. We were pretty battered from the day before and the cold morning kept us from starting off any time before 10.

So what was supposed to be an 85 mile day turned into a 30 mile day. We wouldn’t know this until we stopped for lunch in Langtry though.

The ride was a bit better than the day before. Seems the road conditions change with every new township or country line. But we were now entering more high desert land of Texas. Plenty of climbing on this day to help us train for what lies a month down the road.

Langtry is a gem. Just a little off shoot from 90. We almost didn’t stop, but the cliff faces looking at us from Mexico called for a closer look. The town isn’t much. A church, a handful of small houses and dilapidated structures.

Then there is the museum/welcome facility. A couple of buildings which had been preserved since the founding of the town. The saloon, “the Lilly”, was named after a famous actress Lilly Langtry. The founder of the town had built the saloon and his home “the opera house” and named it in hopes of attracting said actress. She would come to visit…. 10 years after his death. There was also a famous boxing match that took place here, right on the dried up Rio Grand river. In addition to it all, there was a nice cactus garden off to the side of the main building. A nice little stop.

But then things got more fun when we decided to stay. See, one of the attendees had mentioned that the community center building allowed tent camping on the property… so we checked it out. Then the cliffs. Then the other desert garden that was put together by the community center lands man. We would meet him later.

First we spend some time at the Rio Grand. Dry as a bone, but the cliffs all around made for a cool sight. I suppose we had seen a really cool river just a few miles before as well, oh well, you’ll see that in the pictures. Anyway, on our ride down I got to see a road runner. They are very different birds and one of my favorite animals. Aside from running, they just do a lot of things very differently. Like just walking around. It’s weird to say. You just have to see it.

When we returned to the comm center, the land keeper walked by and just threw out “did they tell you about the bear?” Without looking towards us. He just kept working on his garden. “What?”, “yup, we have a bear. You’ll see him.”

….okay, so there is a bear and we should expect to see him. Neat.

Then we did. Not 10 minutes later. He came running past the corner of the building. Just a little guy. Guess his mom was long gone, but he was around. Probably living off the locals’ trash and road kill, but here he was. Scampering right past us, not 10 yards away.

A bit later we were joined by another cycling duo. They were riding from Saint Augustine to San Diego before their spring semester started. But after meeting another couple from South Africa who had pulled in their camper for the night and shared a bottle of wine with us, we hung out in the cold and told our stories. Comparing notes and gear along the way, as is tradition. They were trying to get some miles behind them, so they took off pretty early in the morning.

I’ll admit I’m rushing it a bit now and just want to catch up with our current day. So I’m gonna leave it here. Sometimes taking a short day can become one of the most interesting days.

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