Day 66 – Back in the Saddle (January 14, 2021)

Night 66- Comstock, Texas

After a failed post, I’m going to keep this pretty brief. I’m still two days behind at this point.

So we stayed with my brother for a while waiting on tubes. When it was seen that they were out for delivery, we decided to ride a short day and have Addison meet up with us at some point to drop them off.

The plan was 40 miles. This would be a nice easy reintroduction after such along break. We didn’t even leave until noon. Little did we know that the first day after the cold weather would break that it would result in our longest 40 miles yet.

20 mile an hour headwinds and near toppling side gusts. A handful of hills that teased what was to come, but made exponentially worse by the road. If I were to liken it to sandpaper, I’d call it 2-grit. Marble sized stones, spaced out and stuck in the asphalt, made every hard pedal up a hill turn into a jarring stamping motion. Your hands getting equally battered as ever bump hit your front tire. That’s how 40 miles can take over 6 hours.

But at the end of the day we came to the small, near abandoned town where the sole gas station had some pizza and wings. Here we would meet up with Addison who had finally received my tubes. A necessary supply as we were heading into 400 miles of no chance.
It was nice seeing Addison again. It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten to just hang out and he is on his own adventure. It will be some time. With his departure, we only had 1 mile left to our camp.

The camp owner met us in the dark and showed us to our spot. In a thick foghorn-leghorn accent, he warned use to watch out for the chupacabra. Funny guy. Fortunately, it would be a very quiet night.

That’s it for this second attempt at the post. Now to find time and service to catch up to current times…. before I forget what happened. It’s really cold in the morning and I’d rather stay in my tent than try to find coffee. But have a great day everyone. Its good to be back on the road.

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