Day 65.5 – A Quick Family Break in Del Rio (January 13, 2021)

Night- we took some time off

We had reached a major goal of the trip. While Del Rio isn’t a vacation spot for most people, it is where my brother and sister-in-law, Ashley Shableski live as Addison is currently in training as a pilot.

We had ordered some new tires to possibly help with my flats and Russell’s tread was quickly disappearing. These treads were just delivered to their house and we followed close behind. But not before asking Addison for a small favor. On entry, we had some really rough road and we had 20 some miles to loop around the base to the main gate. So we had him meet us down the road to take our weights from us. So we got to ride the last 2 hours pretty light. What a way to end another 80 mile day of pure heat. After waiting at the gate for 30 some minutes, we finally got to the house to wind down.

And that was it for the ride.

Just before we got there, someone offered to buy us extra tubes and have them over-nighted. A generous offer and needed since these new treads were not tested and it’s 400ish miles to El Paso. We had already planned on staying with the Shableskis for 3 days, so the plan was a go.

Well, we ended up staying for a week and a half. I’d give it 3 main reasons.

  1. I wasn’t willing to make my way into the desert without extra tubes and I had one. So we were waiting on those spares. Unfortunately, due to some shipping issues, they wouldn’t arrive until the day after we left…. it’s all good though, just a quick drive for Addison to deliver them, but more on that later.
  2. The polar vortex over the US was breaking up and Texas average temperature plummeted. After a long ride to Del Rio, this would be a fine time to get out of the cold and to heal before some serious climbing.
  3. I do like them. It had been some time since we could just hang out and that’s nearly all they had been doing because of covid. So we got to break up their monotony for a bit. We may have just played games, cooked, and played with the dogs, but I’d do it again.
    I don’t want to go into too many details other than that. Just a mini staycation during this long journey. We did get to take the dogs to the lake just a few miles out, so I have some pictures, but I’ll be wrapping all that up here.

Sorry for the delays in posting. We are 3 days from Del Rio now and I’m playing catch up on the campsite wifi. Hope no one was too worried. Stay tuned for a few more posts.

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