Day 65 – The Grind Before the Rest (January 5, 2021)

Night 65- Del Rio, Texas

One more long push before a break.
Only 80 miles to Addison and Ashley. For once, we got our break early.

Walking up to one of my alarms is made that much harder in a nice bed and a room that is sealed shut from light. And after the day we had, was a little tired. So I may have hit the snooze a few times. My incentive not to is that Russell also hears the multiple alarms. So up I go to grab some breakfast and write in the main house where everyone else is already wide awake.

I cannot stress how nice of an experience we had staying with the Vanderweirs. The breakfast burritos and coffee coffee were an excellent start to another day of longer miles. It was a needed beginning to this day since there would be no refreshing ride along a river. Just a long ride on 90.

So we go, again.

The morning was pretty nice. Overcast would keep us cool from the sun for half the day. The downside was that the bit of mist blocked out the view of the ranges. Oh well, we would get plenty of that later in the day. So for the longest time it was just riding. Ranch to our right, farm to the left, open range to the right, wire fence to the left.

There were 2 small towns we would pass through. Riding through the first we were looking for a place with a restroom. We wouldn’t find one until the far end of the town, but we would be greeted by the neighborhood dogs. If you check the pictures you’ll see I got a shot of two scary ones in hot pursuit.

We stopped around the halfway point to scarf down snacks and to rest. Watching traffic roll by we made it a game to lock eyes with everyone since they all looked at us while passing.

At one point and rv pulled up and almost rolled the thing infront of us. Never spoke to them, just watched them pull off onto a 3 foot shoulder that dropped at a 45 degree angle. While it would have made a an interesting middle of the day, I’m glad they didn’t so we could just ride.

As we got back on the bikes, the clouds parted and the sun was here to stay. 40 miles left, with a proper lunch break in about 10 miles. Bracketville was the only other town besides Del Rio. So it was that or nothing.

I’ll sum up the ride. We rode a lot. Up and down rolling hills. Other than the wind farm, it was quite a lot of the same. Until we met up with Addison at 25 miles out. I had shared my location with him to pull it off, but he could have just parked on 90 and waited anywhere. Plan was to give him all of our weight and ride a bit faster the rest of the way.

Off we zipped. Our average speed increasing another 4 to 6 mph, we got to the main gate of Laughlin AFB with a pinch of daylight to spare. Being escorted by Addison, we just rolled up, handed them our IDs and waited…. for a while. They had us roll off to the side while it was all sorted. Maybe half an hour? It didn’t really matter except for how bad I had to pee and the cold night was setting in. Too bad all my shirts and jacket were already at Addison house…. patience is key.

We eventually got our papers and sprinted to the house. Careful not to blow out our legs since they had stiffened up from standing around for 30 minutes in the cold. That wouldn’t matter too much as we planned to hang out with the Shableskis for a few days.

So that’s where we are. 2,900 miles down the road and 2/3rds of the way across Texas. Time for a bit of a break to hang with family. After the last few days, I’m sure our legs will thank us. The next chunk is no cakewalk either. More Texas desert to come and then more desert after that.

I’ll probably post some shorter stuff the next few days, but we won’t be moving for a bit. Stay tuned. I’m going to grab coffee and a snack. Have a great day everyone!

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