Day 63 – The Windy (as in, Wind) Way through Texas (January 3, 2021)

Night 63- San Antonio, Texas

I’m not sure what I want to write about today. Waking up in a hostel and talking to the owner about the industry and hostel community was cool. We had a pretty late start in the day and rode straight to McDonald’s. When sitting outside we were told we couldn’t because of the virus… so we stood off to the side at our bikes. Sorry we don’t have a car.

The ride was pretty annoying. Just heavy winds and spotty construction on all of the offages. I guess they were putting in a new overpass and had to move everything.

We rerouted as soon as we could to cross through some suburbs. More greenways and bike paths for a good chunk. Then we hit the undeveloped “country”. Long stretches of straight roads followed by 90 degree turns around Square lands.

Finally we arrived at our destination. A friend of my brother’s from one of the drum corps he marched with. We showed up a bit early as he and his girlfriend had run out to get dinner so we just hung out in the garage.

Not too long after they arrived and we all chilled on the back porch, socially distanced of course, and just had a nice night. Drawing connection between band ad this trip, and hearing some slightly different questions for once. The layman ask the same handful of questions which we pretty much have a script for now. The cyclists seem to already know and ask more about us as individuals. So this was a nice change of pace.

Today we begin part one of crossing the middle of the state on our way to Del Rio. Just a casual 85 miles. Here is hoping there isn’t wind. Have a great day everyone!

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