Day 61 – WTALOT II: Fields on Fields (January 1, 2021)

Night 61- Columbus, Texas

It was a pretty nice day. Aside from a bit of wind and goggle trying to throw us down nonexistent roads, it was a nice day.

Woke up and had an easy morning among friends. Just a relaxed pack up session while keeping cats from escaping the apartment. Then our first hurdle. Carrying the loaded bikes down stairs. It’s not that bad, but it was the first thing to do this day.

Rolling out of the apartment complex we got to prove a cycling myth. The exit gate to this complex was triggered by a “magnet” in the road. Our bikes are steel, but are kind of small. So if you lay them down, you can trigger the strip. This is very nice for large busy intersections where you find yourself in the least busy direction with no cars to trigger it. I did it again later in the day to confirm it.

A good chunk of the morning was spent riding through a suburban greenway/drain system. A nice bike path with a little bit of traffic on it. A bunch of folks starting their health kick or walking off a hangover I’m sure. No matter how many turns, or how many houses seemed to surround us, there is always a bit of a headwind. Just a nuisance holding us back.

As we rolled past a locked down mega mall, we found ourselves surrounded by some gargantuan distributor buildings like Amazon and some furniture companies. The we hit our first target of the day, Buc ee’s gas station. Understand that after traveling for many years with marching bands and drum corps, you tend to have an affinity towards certain roadside stops. In the north east it is a dispute between Sheetz and Wawa. But Buc ee’s is a legendary stop where multiple touring groups can swarm at the same time and be comfortable managing the horde. And they have some awesome food for calorie craving bikers.

Moving on, it was time for “woah, that’s a lot of Texas” part two. We followed the I10 on a side road/offage… but there were a few sections that we gone due to flooding and construction. So we did get to dip our toes in I10, but it’s not the same when you have a lane to yourself. I love construction lanes. Respect the workers and they don’t care if you use the cones to protect yourself. They are are reason I don’t have shoulder. Even Stevens.

Riding past south open Texas prairie and farm land is kind of nice. If the road condition is nice, you can half zone out and just enjoy the ride. Sure you are still alert and riding, but you are not white knuckling the handle bars because there is no shoulder and the road is covered in garbage. So the afternoon was just nice. The nice spot was a closed sections of the side road that was flooded. Few inches of stagnant water lead us to miles of road with one end closed. With only a handful of cars coming from in front of us, we could just cruise. Downside is that my left shoe is no longer waterproof…bummer.

Oh well. We are making our way across this vast state. Tomorrow was are pulling our first 100 miles. No real reason why, but there is a host right at the mark, so that helps. Here’s hoping for good weather to support the idea.

Have a great day everyone! I’m going to wander across the road to get some breakfast and coffee. It’s going to be a long ride today.

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