Day 59 – Old Friends and New Houses (December 30, 2020)

Night 59- Houston, Texas

Wake up, flat. Lunch break, flat. It’s getting pretty ridiculous at this point. Those headaches are in the past because last night we got to hang with two old friends (and the new Mrs.)

As for riding through Houston… it was edging on us being a large rain storm all day. So my pictures were limited. The ride through suburbs of all different economic classes was also to blame. Bad drivers in both and lots of stop signs.

I will say this, EVERYONE has a fence. Some barred, picket, chainlink, random sheet metal… good for keeping in the many dogs of the neighborhood at bay. The much more developed suburbs were interesting. Less 10 ft high fence and more sporadic architectures. You could tell which houses were original because they were just simple ranch homes with an almost flat roof. I guess you don’t really need peaks without feet of snow.

The new homes were just flawless. Props to the owners if it was all through upkeep, but that wasn’t quite right. There were no signs of aging. The lines were too perfect. It wasn’t like every house was a cookie cutter of its neighbors, far from it, but you could tell that yard space was measured to the nearest inch. They just didn’t seemed “lived in”.

Rolling along, we only had 10 miles left when we hit the apartment complexes. We rolled towards a park/levee area where a bike path took us most of the way to our goal. The home of Mitchel Crain and family. We would later be joined by Taylor Martin for dinner at first buffet this trip. Every now and then one of us would point out the gap in time between us seeing each other last or the absurdity of seeing each other like this. Taylor happened to be close by with family or else he would be all the way out in midland. Mitch and his wife moved here just the other year. And, of course, Russell and I just decided to ride down here. When you haven’t seen your friends for 6-7 years, you make it happen.

Now we are just happily out waiting a lightning storm. I’ve got my coffee and oatmeal. Grits are alright, but only just. Have a great day everyone!

PS, most cyclists don’t like it when you honk at them as you pass by at 55 mph. We spook easy.

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