Day 58 – Wow, That’s a Lot of Texas: A Series (December 29, 2020)

Night 58- Dayton, Texas

Up after a night of poor sleep and off with the sun. Just kidding, the tire I thought I would milk for another day was flat in the morning. So, right after we said our goodbyes to our host, I plopped down in their driveway and changed tubes. Not kidding about the sleep.

Must have been the burrito.

Now we were off. On the road to “wow, that’s a lot of Texas: part 2”.

The road was pretty sketchy for the first 5 miles. I added a picture of the supposed “shoulder”, but we were routed onto a side street for some time right after that.

But not before my tire, my new tube, got a hole. After a pointless scream towards the voodoo witch that must have cursed me, I removed the tube, patched it, and re-taped my rim over the spoke guard strip that was already there. Because that was when the slice was from. No clue how, but it was.

The rest of the day was fine. The shoulder opened up and we were cruised right along.

The evening was lackluster as we found another really cheap hotel after calling every church and fire department around. I’m glad we did too because tomorrow is going to be a long wet day. We get to see friends at the end of it, but there is some nonsense weather systems spinning around us.

We MIGHT see our first snow in Texas. Even if it doesn’t happen, the idea that it was an option is strange. And in Central Texas at that.

So I’m going to enjoy this room and my coffee while I can. Have a great day everyone. May the new storm systems give way to tail winds.

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