Day 57 – The Three Bridges (December 28, 2020)

Night 57- Beaumont, Texas

Up with the sun and off for our first full day of Texas. Well, only 40ish miles. We had a host in Beaumont, but we’re not ready to ride 80 miles to get there in one day.

But we were off. The riding was nice. The wind never really got in our way and it was pretty warm, edging on hot, all day. So our biggest concerns were just drinking and riding. No dogs today either.

We did almost have an issue trying to pass through Bridgetown. There are 3 bridges. One is an interstate, a no no for bikes. The second is the outgoing traffic… but it had a no biking sign. Not that we wanted to use that bridge. It was tight, a decent climb, and traffic was 55+. And the third bridge, the incoming traffic.

A quick scouting showed it had nice wide shoulders, but we weren’t quite sure if we were allowed on it. For those that don’t know, bikes ride with the flow, pedestrians walk against. A quick call to the local police department answered that, as the woman on the other end quickly referenced “the veterans bridge” when I asked how we could cross.

It felt so wrong but up and over we went. Not a moment too soon because I needed a rest room… which I raced off for. After getting tricked by a locked portapotty, I sprinted down the road for a doughnut shop that was a mile around the bend. No dice. A quick 360 and there was a subway off to the side. I was in a bit of a panic at this point. This was my stop, but Russell had time to catch up and keep going while I did my thing.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but the only reason we ride fast or get up early is to get to our target town with time to find a place to camp. With a host already planned, we can just cruise. So if we ever get separated, it’s no issue since we both have the map. The guy in the back just gets to catch up with the person slowly cruising in the front.

Well I may have over did it. I use these times to get in a bit of a workout and properly sprint to catch up. With a touch of a tailwind, I went flying down the road after Russell. I think 3 or 4 miles went by and I was baffled. Either he was also at full clip, or I somehow passed him and was racing away from him. It was the latter. So with this realization and my legs feeling like jelly, I popped down on the side of the road by a little creek and waited.

Super exciting stuff, I know.

Well he rode past and I caught up. Now we were riding into Beaumont. After some overpasses and interchanges, the road gave way to a bike lane. Now it was just smooth sailing to the bike shop and a double back for the host.

We decided to spin by the host and drop our weight in the back yard. It’s always nice to run errands unloaded. Upon our return we met our hosts. A nice younger couple with an aussie/pit mix. They were getting ready to go for a jog and we were getting ready to grab some food. So we ditched our bikes and walked to get some Mexican cuisine. A proper baby sized burrito.

We returned to hang with our hosts, but we were pretty burnt out. I could have passed out walking back from dinner. We threw in a small load of laundry and talked about work, hurricanes, bike culture in various towns and cities, and previous experiences with tourists and hosts.

And that was the day. Not too crazy, but I like the idea of seeing this year end with some easy going days. Have a great day everyone, we have a full day of riding today. We’ll catch back up tomorrow.

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Buy us dinner, help us find a host, or help pass along our story. Everything and anything is appreciated.

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