Day 56 – Weiner Dogs are Bigger in Texas (December 27, 2020)

Night 56- Orange, Texas

Today’s route was filled with some pretty dumb route options from Google, some rough roads, some really kind people, and dogs… So. Many. Dogs.

I think I got most of the days post typed up before anyone else came to the kitchen. Our host joined me around 8 and we talked over coffee. Russell came out a little bit later with the day and the next few days routed. With both of us still in need of proper bike tubes for the next couple hundred miles across Texas, we hoped to stop in Beaumont’s bike shop.

We had a bit of wind for the day, but our route was so wonky that it was a head wind and tail wind at some point. Turns out there are 3 bridges into Texas. The only one that is bike friendly is in Dewyville. So we had to go up and around. 15 miles on the interstate from where we left 90… 35 miles of detour for us.

I can’t complain. It was a nice day and we made it out without a single flat.

I added a few more pictures of the hurricane damages I spoke of in yesterday’s post. The piles and damage seems to fade away as we got closer and further into Texas. Incredible what the eye can do and how large yet precise the path can be.

For lunch we aimed for a BK. Then saw a subway sign… then saw that the Subway got a face-lift and the BK sign was laying down on the job.

So we got Sonic. It was a nice day.

Okay, so we entered Texas and took our pictures. We will be in this state for quite a while so I wanted to take it in. Unfortunately there was some large trees down in front of the main Texas sign. The stone sign was a nice touch.

Now for the main topic. Dogs.

I lost count. We would just turn the corner into a new neighborhood and start scanning. No time to listen for barks. If one dog barked then it was certain that the next 3 houses had at least one or two dogs that would come to answer the call.

I only had to spray my dog spray once and I think the sound spooked the dog because I only really aimed behind me. As the day went on and more and more dogs ran up, I just started yelling at them. At one point a wiener dog came running down the road and rallied two other small dogs with it. One deep roaring “HEY!” made them stop.

The worst part isn’t that they chase us. The scary dogs don’t bark, they just appear next to you and THEN growl. The worry (if not for our own well-being) is when they chase us down the road for a few blocks and there are cars behind us. Like, train your dogs not to chase cyclists because some only use bear spray. If anything, train your dogs so they don’t chase us into traffic.

I love dogs and most of them just don’t know what to make of us. We have had actual close calls with dogs in attack mode. Today was just an absolute flood of every dog.
The funny ones are the really overweight dogs who barely make it to the edge of the lawn.

Go home bud, you don’t stand a chance.

Here’s to Texas. I’m going to do my normal thing and I hope you get to as well. Have a great day everyone!

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