Day 47 – Tempted by those Mississippi Donuts (December 18, 2020)

Night 47- Clermont Harbor, MS

So, one thing that comes up once in a while is drinking. Because of the bug that’s going around, we don’t tend to go out and socialize. But on occasion our hosts offer us some drinks. Well, I’ve probably had a drink a week at this point and my tolerance is pretty low. Pair that with staying up late and it’s going to be a long morning.

So the four of us, Brad, Stephanie, Russell, and I were all slow to rise this morning. There was plans to find a donut shop and a deli that had NJ style breakfast sandwiches. Russell and I only had 50 miles for the day and weren’t too concerned with leave time, but we didn’t ride until noon.

Brad had emails, Stephanie had a flat, and we weighed our bikes. Then we checked the scale with a weight and confirmed the number. I was at 115lbs. Here I thought I would only be about 85 because I need groceries. Russell was just under 100. Stephanie seems to be in disbelief that she had light weighted down into the 60s.

Also, it would appear I have rebounded in weight. I stayed at 150, dropped to 143 in the second week, and am now at 158. Why are my legs so heavy?

Riding into town was pretty nice. It was much warmer today in the 50s. Donuts and coffee at stop number one. Coffee came with around the block to get a holy sandwiches. You spend enough time in a weird place like New Jersey, you learn what is good.

Taylor Ham, Egg, and cheese. Everything bagel. SPK. (I miss Andy’s)

Happy, we parted ways with Brad and Stephanie as they and other food stops. We would ride down the coast for some time. Breaking into side streets when the sidewalk or boardwalk got rough. Then at the bay we followed the water in the silence of night. A car would go by once in a while. But it was so peaceful.

We made it to buccaneer state park where we would turn in and camp for the night. A chilly night that leads to a warmer day. 55 miles to New Orleans. Our second target stop with the first being Saint Augustine. Next stop isn’t for another 1200 miles, so we are going to go enjoy it.

Have a great day everyone! Pop tarts and water for me this morning. Really need to go grocery shopping. Maybe find some real breakfast. I’ll see you all in NO.

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