Day 46 – Old Friends in Mississippi (December 17, 2020)

Night 46- Ocean Springs, Mississippi

New roadkill record- A garbage bag (torn open) of large fish.

It was a day for sure. When I got up I had to repack my whole bike because maintenance didn’t end till about 9:30 the night before. No coffee in the room? Hmm, I’ll make do. Not a huge hurry, but we did have close to 70 miles to ride. So off we went.

At around 35-46 degrees it was a pretty chilly day. The wind was gently blowing in every direction. Overcast with no sun until the last 3 hours of the day. So stepping out of a warm hotel room is always a tricky thing. Do I pack on the layers or just break out the down jacket? I went with layers. As long as I’m moving I’ll be warm. Even if I’m cold, we had a host. So I’ll have warm eventually.

Our path was through Mobile, AL, but we had to take a bit of a detour because bikes are not allowed in tunnels and I’m not a fan of 6 mile long bridges on a windy day. We did get to pass by the USS Alabama, but it was so cold that we opted to just ride by the monster ship and not tour the memorial park.

We cut north around the bay and got to climb a pretty decent bridge. Might have been the tallest, but the one in the outer banks was bigger. It was weird riding through the material makers/handlers part of the port area. Factories all around except for the thin patches of nature that looks like it is just getting pushed back.

Over the bridge and through the next town we went through suburbs of all different kinds. There were a few blocks where every house had a coat of arms right next to the home address. Nice place, but it was fairly “uptown”.

The rest of the ride was fairly straightforward. We rode through a few business districts and along long stretches of highways with nothing but a train to keep us company. We stopped and hung out at the Mississippi sign for a few minutes. A geocache and some recognizable stickers were on the signs posts.

Then 5 miles down the road, Russell motioned to stop. Possible flat, definitely low pressure. It was a flat and the worst kind. There is a weird thing that happens where a small leak makes your tube go limp, but then seals itself at around 20 psi. Enough to ride on sluggishly, but it also makes the tube move about inside. So the stem rips from rubbing around.

Can’t patch that. Replace and ride….except we found Stephanie. Looks like we are sharing the same host again and our stop gave her enough time to merge paths and catch up. This is why I said “see you later” instead of “good bye” last time.

With 18 miles to go we rode on together. Luckily the highways just opened up its shoulder to 8ft. So we talked and rode. A quick detour to check out Pascagoula yielded in seeing a bit of Christmas lights. It almost feels like Christmas with the cold, but you can’t trick me. I know where I am.

15 miles down the road to our host feels even longer with the cold sunset and straight line path. Just a little bit to grind out and we werr there. Brad welcomed us with an opened garage and drinks. He is fairly new to hosting, but had already had 7 guest this year. Welcome to the club, thanks for the couch. We had a fun time of chess, drinks, and musical instruments. Might have stayed up a little to late. So we are up a bit late this morning.

It’s another chilly one today, but I’m fed and had plenty of hot drinks. Have a good one everyone! Stay warm out there.

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