Day 42 – A Drizzly Day in Central Time (December 13, 2020)

Night 42- Bonifay, FL

Rain is definitely our greatest motivator and greatest excuse. Because it rained and we changed plans.

Our morning at Gene’s was pretty relaxed. I got up to write and agreed to start the coffee and put in the breakfast casserole. Now, Gene’s house had seen better days because of the hurricanes, so he’s had to make things work the best he can until he leaves this town. So the kitchen was rigged up with extension cords and power strips. The fridge, coffee pot, and large toaster oven were too much. So I got creative and moved some things around till I found a separate circuit. All was well and I got to writing.

Gene got up a bit later and joined me in the kitchen. He was quite the creative traveler and has had a handful of trips squashed by covid. I’m not sure if it is still true, but rather than buying a visa to visit Russia, you can take a boat and stay for three days. So the local ferries figured this out and charge a good toll to take you in and out. Just don’t miss your ferry as they run on 3 day schedules.

Stephanie joined us to make some tea. Fortunately the range was gas and wouldn’t disrupted the breakfast circuit. Russell would come next and they would head out front to start working on her broken spoke.

With a bit of breakfast in us, the plan was to ride 69 miles to Ponce de Leon and find somewhere to camp. Just as we took off, it started to drizzle. It would continue to drizzle for quite a while. For me, a little bit of rain on a warmer humid day is perfect. Just enough to keep me cool while I ride a bit harder than normal. We blew over those rolling hills never quite dropping below 14 for more than the last cresting of the peaks. Then a nice speedy coast on the other side.

Music helps a lot too. Unfortunately I had misplaced my earbuds and it was raining. Wet fingers are not nice when trying to ride and use a touch screen, so I learned how to yell at Google just right. Seems I got a laugh from the two behind me. At one point we were trying to determine the name of some song that mentioned Chattahoochee…. Google- “do you mean the Chattahoochee Song?” Yup.

It’s fun having a guest rider. Since Stephanie had already ridden the same miles as us, she didn’t waste time asking the cycling questions. Now it was riding and talking about stuff like we had known each other for many years and not just 2 days. Though she has a few different motivators on this trip. A tour of doughnut shops seemed to be her riders vice. I can’t argue against it, we just never considered hitting specific food spots because of our budget.

Speaking of, we found ourselves at a Subway after the rain had picked up. We were all fairly soaked by this point and sitting in the store was almost too cold. Now we were checking for places to camp, the distance to go, and the forecast… plan H. Turns out hotels are a lot cheaper when you split it between more people. Duh.

So we cut off 11 miles and found a cheap hotel in Bonifay. Now we felt better? We knew we had a host the next night and the miles just pushed tomorrow to 60 as well. So ill say we felt better. Warm showers, dry clothes, and the end of a day.

Oh yeah. We crossed our first time zone! So I’m sorry, but I will be posting later and later as we go. I like my early mornings, but I’d have to wake up at 3 am to get you the same 7am post once we are in California. Sorry, but that’s just how it is.

Fun fact, in Florida, blue laws run County to county. So we found out this county doesn’t sell beer or wine and we found out it was Sunday. Time moves in funny ways right now. Oh well, we will just celebrate our ride with McDonald’s and staying up later to adjust to the new time zone. Also some arts and crafts.

So here I am typing things up at 6:50 am (Central Standard Time). Just time traveling on bikes now.

I’m going to sneak around and make coffee while these two sleep. I hope everyone has an awesome day and hopefully a dry day!

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