Day 38 – A Morning of Frost for a Day of Riding (December 9, 2020)

Night 38- Madison, FL

I’m pretty grumpy today. We have a rest day planned for tomorrow and yesterday just had to be the opposite of that. So please forgive me if my writing suffers. We did just crawl out of a mess of brush and vines at 6:00am.

We woke up to frost in Florida.

Weird, but okay.

It was our coldest night of the trip so far. Weird, but okay.

We knew we were in for a grind this particular day due to how incredibly straight this section of route 90 is. So after we thawed out we were headed for a dollar tree for snacks, the USPS to ship the GoPro to my brother Addison for surgery, and Maccos for lunch. Then the grind.

Route 90 was kind with its bike-path-sized shoulder. It seemed to have been recently cleaned too. We saw some guys on ATVS swerving around the outer boundaries cleaning up trash. It looks like fun how the way they went about it. These were our only distractions from the reality of how incredibly boring this ride was. I suppose we rode through Live Oak at one point.

The roadkill of the day was armadillo. Favorite smell and taste of the day was the endless supply of chicken trucks.

I’m being facetious. It was awful. The smell and the taste. I say taste because when you choose to breath through your mouth, you can taste it.

The only thing worse today was the utter failure to find housing. There are about 30 facilities of “Faith” in Madison, FL. I called all of them. I got through to a few, all but 2 shot me down.

Thank you Pastor Redus Flowers for your willingness to help. The guy just started recovering from surgery and still offered to help look up campgrounds. While not an option due to hours of riding in the wrong direction, I really appreciated it.

Our other contact was with the Church of Latter Day Saints. The young woman who picked up was kind and offered to call back after contacting the church president. About an hour later I got a call from the president saying that is was against church policy to let anyone use the grounds for overnight use.

Okay, I get it. Homeless people are a problem sometimes. But how can you own the second largest plot of land in a town (second only to the university of Florida north) and say it cannot be shared. Tax the rich, and tax the poor, but pay no mind to the guys building cathedrals and calling themselves an army. (Look it up).

But I must be clear, he was very sincere and also mentioned he had recently gotten in trouble for doing that exact thing. The part the gets me the most about these communities is their lack of or refusal to ask their communities for help when they cannot use church properties. I’m not asking for your bed, I’m asking for a parking spot.

Again, I’m sorry. Just a bit grumpy this morning. Nearly slept in a graveyard last night. I’m just glad it was a bit warmer this morning.

Today we have one more grind on route 90 then a rest day (no riding) in Tallahassee. It’s been 29 days without a day of rest. Here’s hoping we can pull it off.

Have a good morning and a great day. The grind is rough, but it makes us all a bit sharper in the end.

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