Day 37 – Life on the Panhandle (December 8, 2020)

Night 37- Lake City, FL

I feel like I’ve been warned about crossing the panhandle and how the wind is only matched by the consistency of very average sights.

Wake up late? Pretty sure I’m not sick, but I did have an incredible amount of food in me and not an equal amount of output. Either way, at 7:15 am both of our alarms went off. No harm here since we didn’t have much to pack and a normal day of riding ahead of us.

Contrasting the previous night’s The Office marathon, we packed up to Futurama. It’s been years since I’ve watched regular live television. Commercials in Florida are a little different. Even my targeted website ads as different.

So we pop out after feeling the hot sun coming through the window. A few steps outside our room and WHY IS IT 35⁰F? Okay, re-dress and take off for a local bike shop. Russell got a new chain after last night’s maintenance showed enough wearing to justify it. My chain was quite bad, but I’m going to hold off until Tallahassee.

So the rest of the day reflected the previous day, but with a few more country roads. The pine tree farms all about and a few more dairy farms than I expected.

At one point we found ourselves on a sand road. It can be a bit fun when you are not in a hurry and with 80lbs less. Maybe wider tires. Though I look forward to trying my hand at cyclo-cross after this tour. A mix of gravel riding, running (yes running) up hills with your bike on your shoulder, and riding in sand. These races look mental and the down hill sand bits are like riding on ice with a slight margin of error. I won’t be carrying this bike too far, but the occasional sandy road is a fun challenge when not in the presence of vehicles.

Back to some straightforward riding. Not much to report on other than how the wind was always in our face like smoke from a campfire. Lunch was in a park on some cold cement tables after the state park we intended to use was closed for the season (I’m guessing).

Tonight’s host is American Legion Post 56, who picked up the phone and said yes to us camping in less than a minute. Awesome. How easy was that?

Well it was a chilly night. But how chilly we would not really know until this morning.

I did not expect our coldest night to be in Florida. Time to warm up, dry off the tents and get on our way. Have a great day everyone!

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