Day 36 – Trees as Far as the Eyes Can Sees (December 7, 2020)

Night 36- Gainesville, FL

I’ll admit, today was pretty straightforward. Eddie had told us how boring this stretch could be. It was just riding.

We got up and took off. Russell’s friend hung out and sent us off, but the morning was chill. I guess it was a normal day? Nothing insane, no show stoppers, no mechanical issues… just get up and roll. It was nice, but the rest of the day was less exciting.

There were many long stretches with trees. The wind would come and go, the sun would break through and be hot for a bit. We stopped at a Subway for lunch and a Walmart for some riding snacks. We just kept going.

We are running a bit late this morning… I’ll check back at lunch and finish the day


Okay, I’m back. Yesterday’s ride was just a one one. We were unable to go to the Monastery to the south of town, so we decided to grab a cheap motel. We made the hard decision to run off to a 7-11 for a pizza. We sat outside and were kept company by some local person. Not sure if they were homeless or just going through their routine. They wished us luck and we went on our way. 3 miles to reach the motel and the bathroom was calling since the 7-11 was lacking the facilities needed. The pressure to arrive at out home for the night, was on… or in.

After an impossible number of red lights and cross traffic delays, we skidded in to the motel/lodge. The nice Indian woman on the other side of a plastic box of a reception desk even waved the “no bikes in rooms” rule after seeing our kits. “Your bikes are bit more expensive”. Thank you ma’am. You have no idea the pressure on us at that moment, but she was brief enough. The bike rule may have been a deal breaker, but our bladders didn’t care.

What followed next was the definition of a physical crash. After rushing for the bathroom, we both just plopped on our beds and remained there for a few hours. Russell went to do some chain maintenance for a bit, but through it all Comedy Central was playing some episodes of The Office.

We just let it roll on and it was good for a few chuckles. We had been quite beaten up from the long boring ride and were a bit loopy at that point. A good shower and plenty of food later ended the day.

We crashed hard. I slept through to my alarm at 7:15… sorry for the late post and the later update. Yesterday really was fairly uneventful and tiresome.

I wonder how many of these days will come… hopefully not too many. Have a good evening* everyone!

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