Day 35 – Chapter 2: The Southern Tier (December 6, 2020)

Night 35- Asbury Lake, FL

We head west.

The cold is one thing that will make me hit the snooze button or to convince myself to try to sleep longer. The only other thing is a real bed. Pair that with staying up late to work on my brakes and I was slow to get up.

Eddie was already heading down to make coffee. These kinds of mornings are easy to fall into the trap of good long talks with hosts.

Eddie is a great dude. We talked a lot of this trip and the scope of it. This guy has done a lot of stuff in life and is no stranger to riding the distances we are riding. However he was just so motivational and supportive. Yet he just liked seeing this kind of cool stuff happen. Like he was an excited fan in a way.

“It’s all relative”. What we are doing might seem nuts. The daily distance, the road conditions, the weather, the route, the sleeping conditions….it’s not for everyone, but there are a number of people out there doing exactly what we are doing. More importantly, even to us there are people doing things that we consider far more insane and impressive.

I know it is important not to belittle your achievements, but stay humble. We were inspired by people who would still out ride us right now. Eddie could easily ride faster than us on his bikes, but shakes his head at the idea of how much weight we are toting.

So with a couple of goodbyes and good lucks, we took off for town square in Saint Augustine. The weather was nice, the traffic was light, and it seemed all the tourists were in bed and the pilgrims were at mass. Perfect.

We got our pictures, bounced around a few more monuments, and saw the other cool buildings. The college would be the last big building we would see as we left town.

As we left Saint Augustine and headed right towards California, that is. What a trip so far. This leg alone is usually enough for people. A month worth of riding, 7 states, and DC. Some great sights, great people, great hosts, and plenty of riding.

The rest of the day would be pretty straightforward riding with only a couple of blunders. I got a strange flat where my tire’s stem ripped from the tube, and Google and Kamoot (a different cycling route app) had us ride a few miles up sandy roads to private dead ends. It was a little stressful at times, but we had a host and a good friend of Russell’s from the airforce. As I’ve said before, I’ll ride clear into the night if we have a place to stay.

So a few extra miles later and were there. A young couple, cute kid, and two great dogs. Jokes lasted all night and helped lift the stress from earlier in the day.

The pellet grilled chicken was incredible too (even though it wasn’t a crispy as the cook wanted). That’s a joke, food is always perfect in the eyes of a hungry cyclist, but this guy knows what he is doing even when things don’t work out.

Dinner and Christmas movies. It’s weird how things can be normal sometimes. It makes getting up the next day and pedaling into the unknown seem so distant and unreal.

Yet here I am. Another day, another night, another log.

Now we are on a new chapter:

The Southern Tier.

Have a great day everyone. We are going to see if we can become monks. Coffee first, monks later.

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Buy us dinner, help us find a host, or help pass along our story. Everything and anything is appreciated.

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