Day 31 – Just a Day in the Life of a Cyclotourist (December 2, 2020)

Night 31- Ridgeville, Georgia

Last night we stayed with a host as their first cyclotourist, who wanted to learn how to tour. Tonight we are staying with seasoned hosts/veteran cyclist. In addition, we are sharing this spot with another rider, “Matt the Hat”, who is coming from San Diego and is heading to NJ.

More on that in a short bit.

Sleeping in the cold isn’t so bad. With the right stuff and maybe a little bit of innovative thinking to make up for what your gear lacks, you can sleep quite nicely. I did. A nice cozy night at 30-something degrees.

The real bummer is getting up. Do you put the jacket on first then move for your layers? Do you pull your feet out of the sleeping bag at all until you are ready to put your shoes on? Maybe putting your leg warmers, gloves, shirt, socks, and hat in your sleeping bag with you will warm them up first. Maybe when it is really cold, but sometimes you just have to get moving and embrace the cold as you layer up.

So I layer up, shove my gloves in my pockets to warm up and head for the dock out back to see what I can see. We were up before everyone inside, so I took my peanut butter with me as an early morning snack. The dock was one of a few that went out into the Little Ogeechee River. This was a pretty small river that had plenty of room to swell after storms, most of which was covered in reeds and such in the mean time. It was these little rivers that scattered all around this coastline that made riding up until this point a bit non-linear.

A cool spot for sure. Growing up next to a river, it feels a bit strange to be too far from a large body of water of some caliber.

Walking back down the long dock there were a few sets of animal tracks and some had some sliding action to them, so it was slow moving in spots. Mind you, there was a fine layer of frost on everything that made the tracks show and the docks slick. An exciting sight for the kids of our host. At 9 and 3, they would both be out in a bit, not knowing or ignoring that crocks shoes are not the best for this cold morning, but frost was as magic as snow this morning. Cute kids. The boy was pretty shy of us the night before until we started talking about bikes with mom the night before. Then it was show and tell time, just to be cut short by homework that his mom promptly reminded him of.

We may have been slow moving this morning because of the cold, but now we were headed out. A little chilly this morning but it seemed the winds were going to be calm today. The day warmed up to 56⁰ by 12 and we only had about 53 miles to ride.

53 miles of route 17. The straightest path we have had. We did turn 4 times to leave one host and arrive at the next. But 50 miles in-between, with a shoulder most of the time that sometimes jutted out to a wild 12 feet. So much room for activities.

With a lot of the same thing along the way I only took a few pictures. Russell spotted our first armadillo and asked Google if they were around here just to make sure it wasn’t a trick of the eyes. We took a pit stop at put mid point… a town called Midway. We didn’t plan that. It was 25 miles in.

We had a momentary chase with two dogs. One gave up pretty quickly, but the other had me reaching for my decoy. I was ready to throw it when he backed off. The chicken rides another day.

We ended the day by riding down a pine needle covered drive to a cabin-like home. A mainland stay place for a couple of islanders just down the road. We met Matt on the porch and traded stories until the hosts arrived.

Great food, a room full of instruments which lead to some musical moments. What a night.

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