Day 30 – A Chilly Welcome to the Peach State (December 1, 2020)

Night 30- Savannah, GA

Cold? You don’t know cold. I barely do and today was just chilly enough to be considered “cold”.

I may have mentioned before that our plans are always subject to change. Loosely planning 3 days ahead is the best you can do. You can have a path carved out and then the weather shifts.

This day we woke up in a chilled morning. 37 degrees is what my phone said, but with high humidity, that cold seems to stick to your skin and sucks the heat from your muscles through your layers.

At first it wasn’t too bad. If you keep busy and moving you could warm up. But should you stop, chill set in fast.

A cold morning is a slow morning. We decided to look for a host, but the closest host was in Savanah, far off my original posted path. Back to the coast with us. After a few phone calls and it was 43 miles to a new friends house.

The wind wasn’t so bad today. There were a few moments it felt like riding through water, but it was a bit nicer. Except the cold made it cut deeper. Our down jackets are made for much colder weather. Perfect for the morning, but as soon as we start pedaling we have to shed them.

The last big fight through the day was a tight section of road along a nature preserve. 2 lanes, lots of traffic with log trucks. No shoulders and a few narrow bridges. These are the roads that make you question things. To pass them you have a few steps. Wear neon/reflective clothes, ride as tight to the shoulder as possible, and come to terms with what little control you have over whatever is barreling up behind you.

“Don’t kid yourself. It’s a dangerous sport”- a previous cycling host who has seen the worst side of it.

So we pedaled on. Unfortunately there was no “Welcome to Georgia” sign for us, nor any safe place to stop as it was in the middle of a bridge in the previously described road. But here we are.

We stopped in a Kroger and slide under the cart door to hide from the wind and cold. A bit of a resupply and then we were off to our host, just a mile down the road. I n see very expected this kind of cold in Georgia, but we were ready. We were fed and welcomed to use any bit of the property. Might make a fire this morning. Now I’m in a tent, perfectly warm in my sleeping bag, but frozen fingertips from my phone. So I’ll leave it off here.

Drive safe out there. Remember that you can always slow down and not go around. Might save a life. Have a great morning everyone. .

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Buy us dinner, help us find a host, or help pass along our story. Everything and anything is appreciated.

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