Day 29 – The Windy Ride to Whippoorwill (November 30, 2020)

Night 29- Tillman, SC

We had a 60 mile day ahead of us to reach Clyo, Georgia. If it wasn’t clear, we didn’t make it that far. The wind that ushered in this mornings cold had stopped us from going anywhere too quickly.

Last night we had gotten a cheap motel room to avoid the rain and get some decent rest after the downpour we got to swim through the day before. My legs were pretty beat up from the last 2 days of riding, so it was nice to have a warm bed and plenty of time to stretch, massage, and roll out some of the knots that built up. Because my legs were just two big knots.

If you have never used a muscle roller and have any knots in your legs, definitely use one. But it is also on of the most painful self-inflicted (non-damaging) things I’ve experienced.

Well my legs are still pretty beat up, so when we hit the road, I was hoping for a bit of a nice day. Wrong. Wind. Lots of headwinds.

In my mind, wind is worse than rain. You are pushing and have rhythm, but then suddenly it becomes 5x harder to pedal. It shocks you, kills your momentum and, unless you anticipated it and shifted down, puts you in a high torque situation. Which means your legs have little to no advantage and have to push hard. This happens every time we caught a gust.

So every 20-45 seconds.

You get pretty good at listening for the wind and preparing like you are about to climb a mountain. There may have been a section we held 15mph from about 20 minutes. We had a 4 hour ride ahead of us.

So after 20 miles we reached a McDonald’s and started planning for the night. Through less than reluctant groaning, we decided to cut the miles down and save Georgia for the next day. We were both hurting and the wind was picking up more. It also didn’t help that the few possible resources in Clyo either didn’t answer their phone or was Swamp land. The big deterrent for stealth camping.

Then we found a different kind of RV park/camp. The cost was a bit high, but when we explained our situation, the owner found it a bit more curious than the last tent counter, and said “get here before dark and its 15$”. Deal. That was enough motive to power through the cooling, windy evening and the last/longest 15 miles. At least the traffic had been fairly kind.

And there it was, Whippoorwill Farm. Named after a bird that sings its own name at dusk and into the night, this farm had plenty of animals that didn’t care about the hour. I welcomed it. With multiple roosters and goats in one spot, horses and donkeys next to us, and a pair of awesome farm dogs keeping watch, I had a decent alarm system for things I would want to know about.

I slept like a log. With our sleeping gear, 32 is survivable, 38 is recommended, but 40-50⁰ is perfect. It was great.

Now it’s 34 and my fingers are upset they are not in the sleeping bag, so ill leave off here. No real message today. The wind is worse than everything else? Yeah. That’s it.

Goodmorning everyone. It’s a new day.

I did add a slightly more detailed route of the next week. It is subject to change, as was this day, and the markers are just place holders. If you know anyone or anything about where we are headed, reach out! I’ll try to to get back to you as soon as we reach our first stop.

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