Day 28 – Sideways Rain in Water- I mean, Walterboro (November 29, 2020)

Night 28- Walterboro, SC

Today’s ride was fairly uneventful and lacking in pictures…. We are going to blame it on the rain. The sideways rain.

Going back first, after a nice evening with old friends, I decided to make breakfast in the morning. I expected to wake up a few times or to see one of the young couple up having to take care of their daughter who is not quite 2 years old. Nothing. Everyone seemed to sleep through the night and I was up again, without fail, at 5:30 am.

Understand that I can only write for so long before I need to get moving. The small bright screen in whatever amount of darkness is only so pleasant and a sense of restless leg syndrome kinda takes hold. So I went at it trying to cook and grind/make coffee as quietly as possible. A skill I’ve had fun practicing in the past. (That wouldn’t stop me from burning the bacon a bit…. cast iron is not something to relearn in silence)

I’m not sure if there is a real thing as a “morning person” or a “night owl”. During my time in Erie, I had to be at a morning meeting every day at 7:30. I didn’t have much of a drive, but I also need breakfast. So to wake up at 5:30-6:00 was perfect to shower, cook, and get ready at a relaxed pace. Between living in a townhouse with thin walls and eventually living with Matt Dixon in preparation to leave at the end of summer, I just learned tried to be courteous and do everything a quietly as possible because some people don’t wake up with 2 hours before work.

So I guess I programmed myself to be a morning person. (As I type that last bit at 6:10)

Sometimes we need to be night owls. For when there are fun times that just don’t want to end, or work that needs to be done. I can’t say that I can stay up till 1am and still wake up at 5:30, fully rested. Though so far this trip I haven’t really slept through the night. Not at the beach, not in a campsite, not at a hosts home, and not in hotels. It does come in handy at times, but since it is so common for me, I can’t complain. There is no use in complaining about it. We just have to ride.

Or like when we ride for a short bit and it starts to rain. In fact, I think it held off all the way until lunch at 11. Overcast all day, but now as we are about to get back on the bikes and ride the last 30 miles, it starts to pour. At first it was on and off. So we took some time to hide from getting soaked and started looking for a home for the night.

Not a lot of options and churches not picking up there phones again (on a Sunday no less). We took inventory of our will to ride more today in the rain or less with the threat of another long day tomorrow. Seeing as how it would probably rain through the night and my legs were still pretty shot, we found a hotel at 43 miles. A highway intersection was littered with them and the cheapest was 37 dollars. It would let us dry off, stay dry, and be well rested for the 60 miles we had tomorrow as we cruised into Georgia.

Getting ahead of myself now, we still had to get there. We were on the road for about 9 miles when the real rain hit. It was a warm day, so we decided to stick with our current clothes and just take the abuse to minimize how much we had to dry later. Then about a mile later, Russell caught a nail in the side of hit tire. So we rolled to a safe spot and did what we had to do. Unfortunately, his inner tube was mangled and had to be replaced. Fortunately, he had just bought a spare.

Just a couple of guys, standing in the rain next to a busy road.

After 15 minutes or so and the rain picking up more, we take off. Instead of crying about the rain, we just pushed through it. Sometimes it helps to motivate you when you know there is only one real option. We held a great pace and blew through the rest of the ride.

Our reward was the rain letting up as we arrived and a warm room waiting for us. We found food, befriended the hotel staff after finding our TV cable was stolen, and played a lot of chess. I’m still terrible, but it’s something to do while waiting for things to dry.

I’m not sure how to spice this one up too much. Another day of identical roads, not ideal conditions, lots of wooded surroundings, a hint of tire trouble, with a cheap hotel to end the day.

I guess if there is anything on my mind, it’s that we may have to ride in the rain. We may have to ride another long day before our legs are ready. I may have to wake up early for work or go to bed before the fun is through to make it happen…

We all have things we have to do complaining about it just makes it a bigger challenge and it can bring down others around you. Ask for help, be honest, get creative and try to use that rain to push you towards your goals.

If your challenge is waking up for work or school, make it better and learn from us Early Birds. Get up a little earlier, make yourself some time, and you can work in something you like before the challenge of the day.

I’m going to make breakfast again. Hotel coffee? Can’t complain.

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