Day 20 – Red Sky in the Morning, Cyclists Take Warning (November 22, 2020)

Night 20

On day 19, we got cut short by a boat schedule and some relentless local camp monopolies. So we agreed to up our pace and start with a solid leave time of 8:30 am. All for the best as there was a storm lingering and we would rather set up our tents in the sun.

So I’m up early, unwillingly natural at this point, to jot down the night as usual. But when I peeked out of my tent, I was greeted with a grey sky and bits resembling cotton candy… sailors have been warning me of this. Seems the storm was looming earlier than forecasted. So I scramble to pack up my stuff before writing and eating.

We would hold true to our departure time now, but it seemed best to not risk getting things wet before the ride. At about 8:25 I got a call from our WarmShowers (the touring app name) host. She was apologetic that she could not properly host us due to a family member needing assistance after an injury. So she offered to buy us a camp site for the night and gave us some directional tips.

We had 60 miles between Cedar Island and Emerald Island with a storm supposedly at our heels. So we flew. Holding between 15 and 20 mph for the duration only to slow down for bridges and one stop for stove fuel.

I don’t know if it was the effort or the weather, but I had to cool off a few times because I had decided to ride dressed for the rain. By the time we hit 40 miles, it was time for a brief meal at Macco’s. Just as we were finishing up a small mist started hitting us. Back on we go.

We held on to the sunshine for the next 4 hours, but arrived in just over an hour. The road way leading into Emerald Island was kind to cyclists and we held between 17 and 22 mph for 20 miles. The sun was blistering and we were out of water, but we were blazing down the road.

The camp was lovely. Our neighbors greeted us and offered anything. The beach was a short walk down the road. It was all just so nice after a race with a storm.

At about 5 the storm came for us. By that point we had eaten and been set up for a while. The early morning and decent pace paid off. Now we hit the showers and got showered on getting back in the tents. I have some things to work out when it comes to keeping droplets from working their way into my tents vents, but it’s a small annoyance to offset such a nice setup.

We’re not sure where tomorrow night will put us, but the night after next is locked down in Wilmington, where another host has already confirmed our stay.

Our current host checked back in during dinner time and had shared with us some route knowledge that would have otherwise set us back 8 miles because of a military base that isn’t fully understood by Google maps. Saved time, miles, money, and morale.

This is the community we had heard of. I’m gonna go find camp somewhere near Surf City and watch the waves with my oatmeal.

Yesterday was a good day, let’s all have a good one today.

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