Day 19 – Tourist Pitfalls and Ferry Chess (November 21, 2020)

Night 19

We got caught in a tourist trap of sorts. Recognizing how expensive it is to camp on the east coast, it is wise to plan ahead and know how far it is to other options. So when things fall through or don’t look too favorable, you can react properly. Sometimes plans have to change to save money. Sometimes plans have to change because the only option is ridiculously over priced and they are the only option for hours of riding.

Waking up at the beach is still a welcomed thing, but has certainly gotten to be a lot less of a vacation and more of a brief reward for the day ahead. Though the mosquitoes and condensation kind of make it just “the place we have to deal” with at times. I’m just happy my fingers are not freezing off as I type these posts up.

We knew we had to get to the ferry in ocracoke. The trouble was that there are only 3 departures to Cedar island. So, knowing that the next day would come with a haul to Emerald Island, we chose the second departure time of 1 pm. The first being at 7 am, requiring Rolling out of bed and sprinting to the boat before anything could dry. So, the up side was we had all morning to get to the boat, a nice lunch to hold us over, and low stress. The downside was we only had 5 miles to cover before then. So progress was next to nil for the morning, but we got to dry everything and I got to wander off to the beach to type.

The ferry ride was about 2 hours long and left us with enough time to put in 14 miles to the second campsite available after coming ashore. We used the boat ride to write up a few things and plan the next couple of days.

This might be my first rant…

Once ashore we hit the lav and called the campsite. Communication was tough with the fellow on the other end, but we struggled to find out that for one 2 person tent they charged 35, but that’s not us as we both have our own smaller tents. For 2, 1 person tents they charged 25. EACH. 50 total. No power or water. Just flat ground. They are the only campsite for 30 miles and know it. So they charge by the tent. We joked about strapping the rain flies together to make a 2 tent x 1 canopy monster. Reluctant to pay 35$ for a parking space of flat ground, we wanted to just ride past, but we did not have the daylight or the food in us to bypass them tonight.

So we called it early and stayed at the first campsite right off the dock. A horse farm that double as an rv court. Their website is incredibly polished to appear as an incredible resort. At the cost of hearing 4x4s, horses, and random people wandering put of the bar across the street and $30. We got a plot, electric, and water with showers and restrooms on site. Not cheap as dirt, and not as far down the road as we’d have liked, but with only 2 options for the night we called it.

So today we swallow that loss and begin planning on longer days. We had hoped to start tomorrow as larger towns and cities spread out. Now we will blow past Jacksonville and not stay there. Wilmington is up in the air.

We know we have to get better and go farther. It just deflates you a touch when all the planning you did on the boat gets scrubbed out with a single phone call. Plans change. That’s why I cannot give anyone a good idea more than a week out. Because one hurdle and a price gouging camp in the middle of nothing else wrecks your planning.

But I hear our ride on Emerald Island is going to be pleasant. Fingers crossed.

If someone could ship me a hot cup of coffee from Way Cool Bean, that would be awesome because I just looked at the forecast…

Have a great day everyone!

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