Day 18 – Life’s a Beach (November 20, 2020)

Night 18

Here I stand

in cooler sand

with warm toes

but oatmeal in my nose


Anyway, lets talk about yesterday. It was pretty chill and long. It has gotten quite a bit warmer, which, while nice in the morning, makes the miles drag on during these long straight stretches of road. But the morning started a tad slow due to the overwhelming amount of condensation on and in the tents. So after I got back from the beach, we had to figure that bit out.

As we went down the road we passed identical beach turn-offs on our left (one of which we stopped at to check Russell’s saddle) and very unchanging flora to our right. The worst thing during these long stretches was mile markers. To put on music, podcast, or audio book is great when there is little traffic and long boring drags… but these mile markers acted as a reminder of how long you had to go.. 25.. 24.. 23 (2 more hour, 1 more hour).

Sometimes it is nice to forget about time.

We stopped for lunch at this wide open bay. The camera is in focus, but the sky and water blend together so incredibly it didn’t make sense to the eye.

After half of the next long stretch, Russell fell victim to a screw. Now we both need more tubes…

Carrying on through Buxton, I may have gotten carried away in the lead. My legs are feeling it pretty good this morning, but we made it to the ferry with 5 minutes to spare. Another boat, free, and 30 minutes of chilling before our final 11 miles to our camp.

That final push came with another loooooong stretch with dunes and power lines. The sunset obscuring any visual goal/landmark. After 10.5 miles of that, we hit a small patch of woods and a quick left into the site.

Food first, tents after it cools down to avoid condensation, and then I got carried away with the sky. I can’t say much about what I captured other than look for yourselves and Bring It On Chris Bird!

While I’ve enjoyed typing this up on the beach and climbing the highest dune around (no signs saying not to), my toes are purple and my oatmeal is gone.

We have a different kind of day ahead with another, longer boat. Coffee, cocoa, tea? Take you pick and make it a warm one!

Also, if you want to know more about our ride stats, I post on an app called Strava where you can see our exact route, climbs, efforts speeds. If you are into that kind of thing.

Also also, I post the full resolution images on my Instagram @_round_about_way_ and we both post on the joint account @bandofbikes.

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