Day 17 – Just Two Dudes, Getting It Done (November 19, 2020)

Night 17

As I lay here in the cold, waiting for the…. actually, I’m up. I saw the time and knew I didn’t have long. Screw the cold, I want to see this.

With only 2 real stops, this one is picture heavy.

We woke up yesterday and knew we only had about 35 miles to cover and a few sights to see. So we moved pretty slow to start. The sun was out today and it was 10 degrees warmer, so we went through waves of “should I wear 2 shirts or just one and my arm warmers?” A delicate balance between need and the ability to strip/add on as the winds change.

Just a mile away was the Wright Brothers memorial. I was all set to pedal up this hill, but no bikes allowed…. guess we are gonna push it. So we did and it was worth it. Such a cool spot. Just two dudes who wanted to get it done. So here we are.

(Edit) We finally touched the beach. I wanted to dip my head in and Russell settled for dipping his hat. With high tide pushing us up against the steps, we had to be quick… and maybe a tad silly. Russell has the video of me… Essentially headbutting the sand as a wave slid by.

Just down the path we stopped for a healthy lunch of 7-eleven pizza and chocolate milk. Milk is not a bad choice if you know what you are doing. Plus, we would obliterate the calories shortly.

One last stop at the Kitty Hawk Surf shop. The right surf shop is always worth the stop and with this one staying open in the off season, they had to be legit. The kite store had a tower, a wobbly wooden staircase, but it brought you up high enough to see the small desert across the road.

Now we ride. 16, 18, 20 mph with Russell setting the pace. Just 30 miles, one really long bridge, and some dune hopping later, and we arrived at our KOA… though this KOA was a resort. While still used our tents, (and at a discount thanks to Russell’s sister Stephanie Miller), we had a laundry room, showers, an icy pool, and a hot tub. Our legs thanked us.

With 85% humidity, everything is wet from condensation, but the sun is over the dunes now. Lesson learned, keep your tent shut during sunset or suffer the icy drops fom above.

Do I set up my stove for coffee or wait it out?

Good morning everyone! Let’s keep it that way.

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