Day 16 – The Bridge to Kitty Hawk (November 18, 2020)

Night 16

We have hit the outer banks, but I haven’t looked at the ocean yet.

Yesterday we hit Goose point and slept at the KOA. Our next confirmed campsite was in Rodanthe, only 62 miles away. It was pretty chilly and quite windy. But the bathrooms were all the way across camp. Lucky me, I had a bike. Unlucky for me, I woke up to a flat tire. A quick swap while Russell dashed off ahead.

Not quite sure how we were feeling for the day, we rode 9 miles down the way to “Diggers Diner” where we would warm up and reassess. See, Russell is on a side mission to find biscuits and gravy comparable to that of which he had back in Texas. Last time the place had run out.

This place had also run out.

Well, with a warm breakfast and nearly 10 miles under our belt, we decided we could have pushed through the cold day and gotten there late, but we figured we should stop for groceries at the last Walmart for some time. So the day’s path was only about 35 miles now, ending at an RV park in Kitty Hawk, NC.

Oh, before we leave Diggers Diner I should mention where it gets its name because I was a bit surprised myself. Rolling up there was a very large auto garage, a petting zoo, ice cream shacks some random other buildings, and a whole lot of black and green paint. Home of Grave Digger. The monster truck. Neat. It has a petting zoo.

So crossing the bay into kitty hawk was probably the most stressful part of this ride yet. There was a shoulder and the road was mostly clean, but with the wind pushing you left and right, for what seemed to be an eternity, any lapse in control and it wasn’t good. Pushed to the right and my front panniers would catch the wall the turn/crash me. Pushed to the left and… cars. Traffic was mainly kind and gave us room, but the odd yee yee truck loved to blow by to show off their… size? I guess? And it was freezing. Hands going a bit numb.

All good though (if it wasn’t clear that we made it). We made it over and a bike path appeared. The stress turned into thrill similar to a rollercoaster. And like most rollercoasters, a Walmart lay just around the bend.

Okay, maybe not that last part, but it was time for our second major supply run and boy should I NEVER GO GROCERY SHOPPING HUNGRY (again). By the time we were done taking turns shopping/watching the bikes, my bike was stuffed and I felt like I could eat all of it. 3 of my water bottles were empty, but I was still at my heaviest and bulkiest to date. Amazing how much those bags can open up. Easily pushing over 100lbs now. Food aside, a light weight rain jacket was needed (also for sand) and a memory card reader for my phone. Rest in Rice, GoPro max.

Glad to only have 9 miles left this weighted down we found ourselves cruising by beach houses and back on a bike path. With the sun going down at nearly 3pm, it was late in the day for us, but only kids were out because it was only 3. We came across some awesome art work and just enjoyed the ride.

Now we arrive at Joe and Kay’s campground just into Kill Devil Hill, NC. The name scheme here is a bit lost on me, but I assume there is a decent story. Not here to judge (looking at you Forty Fort, Pa).

All the water we saw today was fresh. I wanted to have proper time to dip my head in before heading to the other ocean. I haven’t even peeked over the dunes.

Enjoy the sun today. It’s supposed to be a touch warmer and I’m waiting for that to roll out of my tent. Have a good one ya’ll. I’m gonna see about some biscuits and gravy.

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