Day 15 – Tailwinds from the North, Eyes Pointed South (November 17, 2020)

Night 15

It’s a cool 41 degrees this morning. The forecast looks like 36-42… a day to bundle up, but not quite for the snow some are expecting just north of us.

Yesterday was an easy day to navigate, but 62 miles is only so fun when it’s completely flat. At least this time we had some moments with the wind at our backs. For non-cyclist, it isa strange sensation. Like a speed boost where the wind seems to disappear and suddenly you can hold 20+ mph with relative ease. For my cyclist friends, 20 might not be enough, but it is when your kit is pushing 100 lbs and the last few days were full of show-stopping head winds. The joy of having the aerodynamics of a tombstone… with pontoons. Though for not having much of a shoulder to ride on, and name aside, the Great Dismal Swamp was pretty cool to ride along.

Well, if you peeked at the pictures before reading this, then I’m sure you would agree the change in scenery was appreciated. It is so strange to see so much water and still not smell the salt. But today that changes as we head to Kitty Hawk, NC or maybe a bit further. May the winds be at our backs again because it has been whipping through the trees all night.

Housing was a bust for most of the day. Shot down by the YMCA and the co-op that owns the hundreds of acres around it. Boy scouts, yes. Two boys on bikes, no. There was one church that called us back… 15 miles after we passed it. So we found another KOA near Goose point and pushed on while fighting the changing wind for the last hour.

But what a last hour. (Pictures included)

And with that we turned in for the night. The wind, foxes (look up their mating calls), and, what sounded like whooping cranes to sang us to sleep.

I’m gonna find my gloves. This phone screen already froze my fingers.

And coffee… it’s been a few days. Have great one today!

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