Day 14 – Sweet Carolina (November 16, 2020)

Night 14

Goodbye Virginia, hello North Carolina!

Yesterday (Nov 16) we woke up to a warm breeze, but now we wake up to 32-36 degree air. As type this, I am shrunk down in my sleeping bag with my cold weather clothes on. I heard some friends woke up to snow, so for a cheap camping spot on Millpond nature reserve and campsite that had hot showers… I’ll take it.

I have to admit, I may have messed up and gotten the GoPro wet… on the inside. Fortunately I save everything the night of and micro SD cards are pretty solid so long as you don’t power them up when wet. So while I try and make do with and explore my new phones camera, unfortunately the GoPro is out of action for a bit. Not an easy thing to replace and not crucial enough to dip into the emergency funds. So unless someone wants to donate specifically to the “Collin is a dummy who didn’t latch the battery door all the way” fund, there are going to be more pictures and videos from the past. Here’s to hoping I’m as good with electronics as I was in high-school. (Now to get tools)

Yesterday’s ride was fairly uneventful. Less so if you subtract the 20 mph wind and make it a slight cool breeze under the sun. Far more cotton fields this time around.

We stopped in a little town called Whaleyville VA just before crossing the border. Strange how difficult it is to find a good jug of chocolate milk around here.

We made it to the welcome center at Millpond and found it doubled as a museum. Unfortunately most of it was closed off for some weird cold thats going around. Our camp site was a little ways back the way we came, but the hot showers and flat ground made up for it.

Here we come outer banks! Check out the map below to see our next few days.

Enjoy some hot cocoa for us and have a good one.

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