Day 13 – Winds of Change (November 15, 2020)

(New phone, who dis?)

Night 13

Isle of Wright is in the middle of a ton of farms. By a ton, I mean miles. Long flat miles. Loooooong flat miles. Just off to the side, a few tree, soy, and cotton fields later, you find this plot of land covered in campers. It appeared out of nowhere. We road for hours through fields and planted forests, only seeing a few cabins and farm houses at a distance and suddenly…. 30 acres of lake and campers.

But before all that, we woke up in a hotel. A little reluctant to give up a warm hotel bed, I ran down to grab our bagged breakfast. A replacement for the continental meal I was hoping for, but times are a little different right now. We ate and packed up our bikes while watching the weather channel. For planning around hurricane season, this season sure is dragging on. Iota is the current hurricane, but it is down in Honduras for now. To the north, Windstorms and possible snow. To the south, possible topical storms and the Kings Tide coming soon to a waterfront near you. To the west…. 20 degree higher than normal temperatures for 180 million Americans.


But today we would be dry. Just buffeted by the wind…. which would have been fine if not for the terrain. Flat farms and trees that seemed to do nothing but push the wind at us from undetermined directions.

We did pass through Jamestown one last time as we jumped on the ferry to cross the Jamestown River. That was a pretty neat start to the long day ahead. Into the farm lands we went.

With not a food supply or rest stop for too many miles, and no direct route there, we snacked outside a closed general store (are there blue laws in VA?) and called our camp ground. Great news to lift the spirits. 5$ for the night. Awesome.

The people here seemed hesitant at the sight of us. A bit different from the usual questioning we receive, but once they opened up, so did their disbelief in our goal for this trip. Good folks though. Gave us our choice of plots by the lake….or anywhere on the 30 acres. Just really laid back.

So here we are, about to head south to North Carolina where, last night we decided, we will cut east and take the coastal route. Storms are going to happen, but the coastal route has far more housing and camping options.

So off we pop. I’m gonna roll out of my tent and grab a snack. Have a good one, everyone!

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