Day 12 – Of Birthdays and New Devices (November 14, 2020)

Night 12

First off, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and donations. I’m sorry if I haven’t responded to them all as I was without a phone for most of the day. This wasn’t the most adventurous day, but I am sure there is plenty of excitement ahead. It’s just how you enjoy your “slow days” that matters.

So I’m not one to really celebrate my birthday. Usually dinner with my family and a day doing less or just getting to do something I’ve been putting off is enough for me. But with some of the flood waters still clearing to our south a few sights to see in Jamestown, and my phone needing replaced so I could continue this “blog” along with editing stuff…. well we hung around for the day.

The morning started with a nice relaxed wake up in a dew covered RV park. Still up by 6 because my brain said so. A call home to talk with Mom and Dad. Did some bike maintenance waiting on the sun to dry some stuff and watched the horde from the kids camp tear around on their bikes.

Took off towards Jamestown with some Weird Al. Just a few miles down the path, cut a right to seek out the museum. Somehow this place had one of the nicest bathrooms I’d ever been in. Went back outside and read a few of the plaques for the states. Not a crazy long stop because we would be passing through the area again today as we head for the ferry. So off we went.

“Free” lunch at Moe’s with my old points from Erie and some waiting around to get into the Verizon store. Hanging outside at Moe’s was just nice. They have decent music and a bunch of “interesting” folks to entertain us. I’ve only had 3 phones now and I didn’t look forward to the work of moving everything over myself… so we got a cheap hotel room, sprawled out our stuff and so it began. No phone for about 4 hours as we battled with the hotel wifi while watching Doctor Strange.

Then keeping with tradition, dinner with family. Some steaks and guaranteed leftovers has us stuffed and ready to get moving. It’s supposed to be a bit muggy and then wind. Hopefully in our favor as we cut towards Suffolk and our last full day in Virginia.

Here’s to another 25 years on this crazy spinning rock. Take care of each other, everyone. Talk to you tomorrow.

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