Day 11 – Happy Birthday! Now Go Ride Your Bike Around the Country (November 13, 2020)

Night 11

This morning’s post I would like to dedicate to my mother, Rhonda (Huggins) Shableski, because sometime in this day 25 years ago, she did the thing which every single one of my ancestors did for the past…..uh…since the beginning of time. Now I’m talking to you with my thumbs about bikes. Weird how history works.

The morning ritual has been a fun thing to refine and adapt to each sleeping arrangement. I now cannot sleep in past 6, but that’s only if coyotes dont wake me up first. There were a few around us last night, but not to worry. It only “sounded” like there were a hundred.

Downtown Richmond is pretty neat. Huge works of art in every direction and architecture to make you wonder how this place became so historic and hodgepodge.

Moving on, Richmond’s riverside was flooded, but this time we stayed dry. Just down the road from our host was the Virginia capital trail. Unfortunately the portion that runs along the river was under 6-8 feet of water. With no more water falling from the sky we re-routed and carried on.

A nice stop at a Food Lion was spend grabbing food for the road, lunch, and some time to roll our legs out. One of the most painful feeling I’ve every inflicted on myself, but the benefits to muscle soreness and recovery outweighs the pain… most days. Also, the local fire department was testing their water cannons across the parking lot.

The next patch of trail (still the capital trail) we rode past a small group in the midst of a marathon. Tons of inspirational running signs really cheered us on. This was nice because we would stay on this trail for the next 35 miles or so.

As the trail opened up to soy and corn fields, I got to play with my camera a bit more. Stopping for a joke or two here or there, it was a nice light day. Anything compared to Pennsylvania’s hills AND valleys is an easy day so far. (Looking at you Rockies)

Our initial campsite seemed to have been bought out or hidden by a really large tree farm. But while looking for our entrance we ran into another nut case like ourselves. Mark Wagner of NJ was headed home from Key West. He seemed a bit winded, but he has a tighter schedule than us and had been putting out 600 miles a week…. maybe well hit that down south more.. in his own words “you guys have the better rigs”. Mark was having a heck of a time doing as we were on a road bike with all his weight in the rear, one inch tires, and so many technical issues. More on him in a later video though.

After failing to find the free camping, an RV court appeared just over the last bridge of the day and we were greeted with an awesome sunset. It’s a cold damp morning, but with a quick day into Williamsburg, for my birthday I’m replacing my phone (which I dropped) and getting a cheap hotel with hot showers and breakfast.

I’ll catch up with you guys on the ferry tomorrow as we cut further south.

Share a cup of coffee or tea with someone for me today and have a good one.

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