Day 10 – The Crayfish Parade in the Valley of Water (November 12, 2020)

Night 10

There seems to be a lot of flooding going on in the south east right now. Fortunately we only had to cross a few flooded roads. Safety is key when doing so. If you have never come across this and didn’t grow up around flooding creeks and rivers in your back yard like us, please comment below. With the right conditions, your car is easier to get swept away than me carrying my bike! But that didn’t stop the lucky guy following behind us in the back roads of Virginia in a Neon.

I don’t have a ton of footage from the ride because the rain coated the lens quite quickly and I dropped my phone. First time I damaged a phone in my life. Oh well, time to find a Verizon store and use my upgrade. Less broken screen, more video rendering speed.

Funniest sight of the day would have been passing by crayfish in the road rearing up to pinch our tires.

We reached our host in Richmond just as the rain broke. A quick dinner and some dry clothes later and we were able to enjoy the last bit of sun of the day.

Our host Danny is also a season veteran of crazy cycling distances. Now in med school, he spent 2 years traveling and road the length of the Americas from Alaska to Argentina with a partner as well and on a vegetarian diet. People are capable of so much more than you think. There are plenty of us out there and it’s this community that allows us to have have a dry place to sleep and warm showers.

The cat in the picture is Henry. He’s big, fast, built like an ocelot, and a bit of a terrorist, but he didn’t pop my sleeping mat. So he’s not all bad.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated yesterday! We are going grocery shopping today on our way to Jamestown to recoup what we lost to the water and before heading into a few days of more wild lands. The flooding in the south east is a lot worse than we thought and hopefully we don’t have to use the any of the funds to get out of any danger anytime soon.

I’m off to find coffee and breakfast.

Have a great morning everyone!

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