Day 9 – Early to Bed, Early to … Flood (November 11, 2020)

Night 9

First flash flood? Mine too.

So we stayed at KOA for another day to plan a few days and avoid the lightning blocking our path to Richmond and Jamestown after that. The camp manager was awesome and upgraded us to a cabin because the tent areas were likely to flood with the nights heavy rains….

Well we still got flooded. At 5:30 we woke up to the camp manager knocking on our door telling us to get moving. There was 2 inches of water in our cabin. Which was a suprise because thought Russell had gotten up around 4 to use the bathroom at the main lodge.

Fortunately it seems no electronics were damaged. The bikes were inside as well so just some wet tires. We were already committed to riding in the rain today with little threat of heavy wind or lightning.

Downside was some food got caught up in the water. I’m not one to beg and I’m ready to deal with the consequences, but if anyone wants to donate to help us resupply our food later today that would make this early and wet start to the day a bit more bearable.

It should be made clear that these funds are to help us in situations like this. Resupply or to help us get out of danger should we see it unavoidable.

Enjoy your dry feet today.

Time for coffee.

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