Day 8 – Footpaths and Front Gates (November 9, 2020)

Night 8

We all know the smell. Maybe those of us who live in greener lands know it a bit better, but this was the first time it woke me up. Staying at a KOA campsite on the edge of the pond, a relocation from our original spot because of the forecast, we knew it was coming. It was bound to happen. With a cool breeze to usher in this particular smell, at 5 am I woke up and started packing immediately.


Yesterday was our first step back to normal distance riding. It was hot and we had a pretty gentle uphill ride all day. The phones said 75 but it’s a little hotter on the tarmac. From Grant’s to KOA we only stopped for lunch, stretch breaks, and water refills. All in all it was a really relaxed day. Aside from a script reading lady in a booth to an un-gated private town. “Theres no way through here”. . . (Contrary google showed 7 points of egress towards safety). She told us to stay safe turning around in 2 lanes of traffic as she directed us to return to riding on a non-bike highway…. glad to say her boss, who I waved over to ask for safe directions, told us to turn around and pass through on the to the foot paths google intended for us to take. I dont know that women’s name, but she fits a certain profile that has become synonymous with a particular name these days.

So we road on. We passed though Fredericksburg and stopped for a moment at a cannon monument to read up on the “earth moving tactics” that were coordinated during a brief stalemate. 30 some miles of civil war era trenches.

OH YEAH! I almost forgot about prince William’s Forrest. That was about 2 miles of loose gravel and hiking trails we had to pass through… maybe on proper mountain bikes, but not on heavy road/touring tires. While it seems hellish at times, it certainly was lovely to look at. For now here are some snips and a really jerky hiking trail time laps…because it was that rough. I’ll have a nicer video on the rest of the park later.

Have a great day everyone. We are gonna see how we want to tackle today’s lightning…. hmm.

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