Day 6 – Rest, and Rain on the Horizon (November 7, 2020)

Night 6

I suppose Sundays are for rest, recoupment, groceries, and planning.

With rain on the horizon as we dive deeper into Virginia (auto correct really wanted the joke here) we remained in Alexandria to plan the next few days route, contact housing, wash EVERYTHING, and enjoyed amazing food and drinks with our hosts Lynne Weigle-Snow and Joff Snow.

Now we head just a little south to meet up with Grant Butters. A quick stop this time.

Here are some quick snippets I dug into while some of the night owls start to stir. The man talking to us in the picture had also done a few wild tours of his own and passed on mantle of sorts to us youngins.

Also, that round of giant chess was my first win against Russell on this trip. It may have had to do with the biased lighting, but we took that energy with us on the trail.

I hope the weather is this nice near you.

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