Day 5 – Good Morning Virginia! (November 6, 2020)

Night 5

Good morning from Virginia!

I know it’s not a huge distance, but MD, DC, to VA in one day was fun. Our last ten miles flew by in the dark as we rolled into Alexandria. So when I say we did 28 miles, we were on our bikes nearly the entire day, just not move too fast.

Good luck getting close to the White House. Most of the mall was as packed as peak tourist season, just with 1000x more honking and hollering all the way out to the outer reaches of the district. The music and energy may be for everyone, but the protests and responses stayed as tame as they should.

You’ll see in the pictures a suprise guest appearance next to the Pennsylvania pillar. If you dont know who Kilroy is or why this funny little guy is etched into such a monument, please take a minute to google it. You start seeing him everywhere.

We ended the day with a ride through roosevelt forest, past the Pentagon and up to the Air force memorial. I didnt know this thing existed but it is a dizzying sight when looking up at from the base. We met Lieutenant colonel Guatalupe who was taking pictures to celebrate his retirement after 27 years of service.

The night (and today) will be spent in Alexandria. Our hosts have offered their downstairs apartment for us to wash up everything, repack with new equipment, and sort out our routes for this next week.

It’s time for some exploration today before we head south for a few days of rain. It was bound to happen eventually.

No matter how you feel about recent events today, stay safe, be kind, and to remember the words of a fellow cyclist (who just wants to pass on the old indisputable words)

“One love.”

Have a good one everyone.

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